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And here we have a cutting of Africa, the only place in the world that is not currently being blanketed by the devil’s snow, done by Williamsburg’s shiniest head, Brian. With the rest of the planet currently covered in snow, making travel and general movement impossible, it’s nice to imagine being on the savannah somewhere, perhaps trapped inside the balmy mouth of a vicious lion. Oh, warmth.

And there goes the week. This time, we:

  • Crawled up from the bottom of the ocean.
  • Wore our snappy BME Shop duds. As should you!
  • Had a delicious ice cream float, with extra penis.
  • Ogled.
  • Wang’d some more.
  • Looked for the creeps who robbed Canvas LA.
  • Breached security.
  • Did a little axe-murderin’.
  • If the snow doesn’t get us, we’ll pop in over the weekend a little, and then dig ourselves out, Monday morning. Be safe in the snow, and as always, thank you for your continued support of BME. Have a great weekend, everyone.

    22 thoughts on “This Week in BME

    1. I’m in Australia too and I wish we had some snow here, I really miss the cold of winter and I’m kinda over the hot and sticky summers.

      Nonetheless, I’d be very interested to know why a white guy gets a cutting of Africa on him. I’m sure he’s got good reasons, I’d just really like to know!

    2. I’m probly gonna get shot but….


      Thanks Toto!

      P.S. the artist did an AMAZING job, btw :0)

    3. To number 5 and number 8: to put this politely, there aren’t just ‘bruin mense’ (attempting to be politically correct) and animals in Africa. Zimbabwe, Zaire, and South Africa to name but a few countries all have caucasians living there, and there are hundreds of years of history involving them in Africa (both good and bad, as everywhere else).

      And if you wanna get really tricky, maybe the guy just happened to want an extreme souvenir of a holiday or mark a dream to follow.

    4. “bruin mense,” is that a racial slur or something? that is fucked up you need to quit being a racist and get a blackberry storm, man, it’s the 21st sentry

    5. I’m from Canada, and this is my first winter out of the country.
      I got a sunburn yesterday, so I’m happy to echo the report that Australia is in fact snow free.

    6. I like white Christmases, I just could do without the sub zero temps. Come on.. give me 10 above. Now that I think about it, never seen a green/dry/warm Christmas before.

    7. Number 10. I am not being ignorant. If you read between the parenthesis, you’ll see ‘attempting to be politically correct’, meaning I don’t like saying ‘black’ or ‘white’, hence why I also used ‘Caucasian’, but using the term ‘Bruin Mense’ which translates as ‘brown men/people’ is a term which simply means ‘coloured people’ without being exclusive to any particular African race (as in, including Zulu, Swahili and so on). So get yourself a dictionary, or google culture, maybe learn a new language or 3 (in South Africa you’ll have 11 official ones to choose from)… this is a pluralingual world (as you said, the 21st century), I suggest you get used to it, and don’t just jump in with your ‘racist’ remarks before knowing exactly what is being said. Feel free to ask questions rather than embarressing yourself.

      And it’s interesting that I was suggesting it doesn’t matter what colour you are, you can still have a cutting of Africa, in polite response to others’ also polite responses.

      Once again, back to the point, nice cutting, the Madagascar is awesome! (though the whole cutting is just so neat!)

    8. dude whatever i’m done trolling you, your posts are too long. i’m gonna go get me an antarctica scar

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