Put your lips to my exhaust..

The lighting isn’t great in the following video from Rafa (more) but it’s not often you get to see a car being pulled down the road by a pair of legs, a body and a pair of hooks, now is it.. a-hem..

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 (no music) or Full members (no music)

Another video from the Rafmeistertronist (calm down, Roo) after the break..

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

Apologies for the glitches in the video above, it wasn’t my fault guv’nor.

8 thoughts on “Put your lips to my exhaust..

  1. I think Lassi (or maybe Jussi) from Paradise Tattoo&Piercing have done a 2-hook pulling with a car some years ago, but I don’t think he pulled it for such a long distance. Cool video anyways, I guess Roo chose the music like always.

  2. Way to use the same filename for this scalpelling video and Rafa’s old self-scalpelling video.

    Its completely still viewable.


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