I’ve Got a Nice Figure and Girls Like Me

This hair-raising shot of Grundstuck, with his 10 mm. septum and 7 mm. labret, is care of Juno Photography. Right? “Hair-raising”! Because his hair is … oh, fine. I’ll show myself out.

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22 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Nice Figure and Girls Like Me

  1. Gorgeous hair, septum, and lip. And leopard print! Between those and the fact that he’s just cute, I kinda wish I could have a lookalike under my Christmas tree… <_<;

  2. I find him to be significantly more attractive when he doesn’t have his hair like that, isn’t wearing makeup, and isn’t wearing those clothes.

  3. had to check the iam, this photo makes him look significantly like a girl.
    a scary girl! :P

  4. @nuno botto: i like my hair how they are :P
    @tsarin: unfortunately nope haha, it was hell to go to the location with the car! >.< That is why the ends of the mohawk have that form (and that is the only thing i don’t like about this photo too!) :)

    @everyone else: thank you!

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