Keep it All the Year

Xronix basically lives on ModBlog, but in the interest of (A) posting interesting pictures and (2) keeping up the wintery vibe, well, here he is again. It’s a Christmas miracle!

(Photo taken in Cracow, Poland, by Adam Kosmala.)

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34 thoughts on “Keep it All the Year

  1. it’s Krakow m’love…
    Cracow = english ignorance
    … figured I’d complain before someone else did…

    I love this picture and find it very interesting – however, I have a Polish friend and everytime her grandmother sees my tattoos she spouts in Polish about Auschwitz and the camps – I wonder if he goes through this in public – and having very public tattoos?

    meh :)

  2. I’m pretty sure I saw this guy recently at the Dublin Tattoo Convention…
    In fact (as I was doing some photography for the origaniser there) I’m pretty sure I have a photograph of him because I thought he looked so beautiful…
    Hmmm *goes to look through photos*

  3. @ Pee: I also have seen him on the Dublin Tattoo Convention! ;-)
    He really is a eye-catcher! The photo looks great!

  4. another ground breaker and personal hero. this is why i stretch. this is why i pierce. this is why i tattoo

  5. Every photo of his is great! Either it’s beautiful or has amazing subject matter. He is quite impressive. With or with out hat ;)

  6. every time that he is featured here, i have to slow down and stare at him…. lord, hes gorgeous!
    happy christmas, modblog!

  7. Nice look!!! everything suits you very nice, continue to be a rebel, let’s change society!!!

  8. no kolego ładnie pojechałeś wyglądasz “grubo” na maksa
    nie ma tak stajlowych zdjątek za dużo
    kozacko i wiesz że ta fota mi sie zaje .. podobała fajno fajno 3 maj się

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