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Before we split for the day, I just wanted to post this shot of Firstluff‘s incredible bisection (click through to de-nana). Whether it’s your thing or not, like Bear and his ears, the dedication and patience required to execute a modification like this and have it be so successful and healthy is truly impressive. With the impulse so often being, for better or for worse, to rush into body modification and accumulate work as quickly as possible, the careful planning and willingness to ensure that one’s body is responding well to a certain course of action is a fine example to set.

For more from Firstluff: Firstluff (BME/HARD Bonus Galleries) (members only)

And just like that, the week has come to an end. This time around, we:

  • Climbed the tallest of mountains.
  • Got our freak sideshow on.
  • Swung above the rocks and waves.
  • Were lost in some eyes.
  • Took a peek at Santa’s wang.
  • Received words of wisdom from the Christmas Kraken.
  • We hope the holidays have been treating you all well. As always, there’ll be a couple posts over the weekend, and then on Monday we start it all over again, albeit full of turkey and eggnog and the shame of our aunt catching us in the kitchen drinking gravy from a bowl. (It was only one time!) Take of yourselves, ModBlog, and as always, thank you for your continued support of BME. Have a great weekend.

    39 thoughts on “This Week in BME

    1. AHHHHHHH!

      …. rather interesting, but… unnerving.
      You’ve done your job BME :)

    2. For people who don’t know what YKINOK! means (including me; I looked it up): Your Kink Is Not OK!

    3. It’s not necessarily in my taste, but that bisection is AMAZING! Mad kudos to Firstluff and lots of kicking in the teeth to oppositronic.

    4. at first i thought “how would someone hold their dick like that?” and then when i clicked through- oh. duh.

    5. …..How does it work?

      I’ve always been so interested how penises function like that….

      please tell?

    6. Why is it that anytime an out-of-the-ordinary genital mod is shown, people ask how a person with one has sex.?

      My answer:


    7. Yeah but do you shove ‘em both in the same hole or do you put Captain Kanish in one hole, Murphy Brown in the other? I’m just confused.

      Fuck Turbotax btw. HR Block beetches.

    8. “Why is it that anytime an out-of-the-ordinary genital mod is shown, people ask how a person with one has sex.?”

      Well, golly gee jeepers. I dunno.

    9. How to use – Put them back as if it were a normal penis and insert into condom and its no different.

      Or, just hold them together as you insert normally.

    10. to #17: I would! I mean, how many people can say that they’ve had sex with someone whose penis is split? I would certainly not mind being one of those people some day…
      I also think it would be a very interesting experience to give someone with a bisection a blowjob.

      now the only problem is finding somebody with one. I mean, should I just go around asking people on the street “excuse me, is your dick split by any chance?” haha

    11. ” I always wondered, is a penis even useful after a modofication like that?”

      Jay, when is a penis NOT useful? Haha. Even if you don’t like penis, they’re still quite useful as coat hangers, hat racks, dildo molds, and door stops.

      Beautifully done! It’s really healthy looking, good on ya!

    12. I am not into this certain thing, but again: Imagine being jacked off by 2 different people, using 2 techniques, on each of your 2 penises (peenigh??)

      Imagine how powerful of an orgasm one could have getting doubled up with dual sensations like that.

      Sort of like having 2 nipples, one pierced, one not….and 2 different mouths working on them simultaneously….yes, I relate 100% to that experience (as often as possible!)

      Thinking outside the box!

    13. So, where does his piss come out? Does the stream split or does it take the path of least resistance?

      Also, aiming would be a nightmare.

    14. Has anyone beside g unit heard anyone say “fuck my dick in half” ever? That’s not a phrase…

      It’s not like I know what it’s like to have any kind of penis at all, but I’m curious about what life is like with this one.

    15. Haha, it’s obviously been a while since something fun like this has been posted – the “how would that even work” comments are much more prevalent than they used to be.

      And as far as where does the piss come from…. dead center.

    16. I always used to be a bit freaked out by bisections, then I was kinda intrigued by them and now it’s something I would devintly consider doing it when im older.

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