Waves and Radiation

Oh dear Lord, there appears to be some sort of white flakey substance falling from the sky in Oregon and landing on basophobic_angel. Is it the result of an airborne toxic event of some description? Let’s not take any chances. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in a motel room, under the highway, eating handfuls of Dylar like it is sweet, delicious candy.

(Piercings by Jason Odd at Modern Epic in Hoodriver, Oregon.)

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25 thoughts on “Waves and Radiation

  1. the placement of pretty much all of these piercings are horrible. clearly shes probably 17 and couldnt wait 6 more months to get them professionally done.

  2. Omg I loveeeee this. she’s SO Cutee and she looks PERFECT with her piercings. awww man <3

  3. weeew: I’m going to assume that you’re wrong due to the fact that she has an adult profile. I don’t think the piercings are poorly done, maybe not the best jewelry though. She’s a pretty gal.

  4. Well they all look beautifully healed. Let’s not judge her for what we don’t know and instead compliment her on what we can see.

  5. Yea the rude snarky comments really are getting old

    Very pretty girl. I also think she has a very unique look to her and she has very nice features. I also love double nostril piercings :)

  6. her eyebrow does look low… but really whatever, if she’s happy we should be too. except that the lens of the camera needs to be wiped off.

    and Jordan, it’s Hood River. two words, not one.

  7. Yeah I agree with 7, she’s 21 so she probably got them done at a shop…just a shop that doesn’t use proper jewelry, or placement.

  8. 1) Please remember that her eyebrows are plucked or waxed and thus distort the natural shape/look of her eyebrow. If they pierce it with the augmented shape in mind, the eyebrow piercing would be on her forehead not her brow ridge. The eyebrow placement is fine, she plucks/waxes her eyebrows kids.

    2) Proper Jewelry/Quality: How do you even know WHAT quality or what type of jewelry this is? You don’t know, so why speak on something you don’t know?

    My ONLY point of statement I could make, as a professional piercer, is I would have aligned the beauty spot up more with the nose and corner of the lip, instead of being further outward from that area a tad.

    But christ guys lay off the negative statements, especially if you’re not piercers and don’t know any better on placement, jewelry quality,etc.

  9. PS: And without seeing a straight on, 3/4 profile and side profile view we are unable to state if her eyebrow piercing is placed “properly” or not.

  10. Nope its just a big ring. When I first got my lip pierced I had to wear this huge ring because I swell a lot when I get piercings. The ring looked very off center but now that my lip is healed with a smaller ring it looks perfectly centered. Again Im gonna say very lovely girl…. I also love her eye makeup

  11. This pic made me miss my nostril and labret piercings…. :(

    She looks so pretty in all that snow. :)

  12. I’m with #19 … I miss my peircings. Took my labret out as my bottom gums had worn down to the point of occasional & minimal bleeding — not much, but not pleasant all the same.

  13. Badine; I got all my lower lip piercings with 14G BCRs, and they all looked squint haha! It’s just cause the rings are huge, and it looks distorted, because it’ll never sit straight when your lips are closed.
    Piercing police, neenawneenaw. Shoosh, she’s pretty :)

  14. Oh my after reading this i am not sure how to respond! First and foremost i am 21 going on 22 and didn’t aquire most of my piercings until WELL after i was legal. I didn’t rush into my piercings and i love every single one of them…they are me, plain and simple. The picture doesn’t do the piercings great judgement but i assure you i have done my research and not only have i used proper jewelry (My nostril screws are a bit long as they were the ones i as pierced with but its not cheap jewelry) they were also done in very clean and well known piercing shops. My eyebrow ring is not low but infact perfectly placed for my eyebrows at the time, if you don’t believe me i have pictures on my page to prove it. The lip ring is center and the ring not really that big, for some reason it tends to flop to one side when my lips are closed …maybe i could downsize it a tad but i really never had a problem with it. With all of the people that said i was pretty i thank you kindly, i do appreciate the ones that stuck up for my piercings. In the end i am happy with the result and aquired them safely and take good care of my piercings.


  15. Wow… so much negative judgement… somehow I feel as though some could be from jealous people wishing they were that pretty or they could pull off some of those piercings.

    I’m loving the picture. She’s really pretty… the eye makeup was done very well too. =)

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