The Lost Files

You know what? Fine. Marc may be an incredibly talented tattooer, and his design ideas may be among the most inventive in the industry, and he may be one of the most instantly recognizable artists out there. But you know what he can’t win? A race around the world! And … go!

[falls down open sewer]

God damn it.

(Tattoo by Marc at Swastika Freakshop in Radolfzell, Germany.)

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28 thoughts on “The Lost Files

  1. like a kind of hand poked effect with lots of crosshatching, mostly in black and a bit of red id say, lots of swastika imagery (in the non nazi form obviously)

    i feel sorry for any other artist who wants to get on Modblog, im not saying you guys favor him, Marc just keeps knocking out amazing pieces!

  2. its strange that on the right palm (the person’s left palm), the design on the base of the palm is not outlined, whereas the other hand’s is. Not necessarily a bad thing, just odd to me.

    Always love seeing Marc’s work.

  3. Awesome. I’m going to Germany for a month this summer, maybe I’ll have a chance to check out their shop

  4. Trailerparkjesus: Looks like they were both outlined at one point and faded, while the one side looks redone/touched up, the other side looks as if it hasn’t be touched up recently (at least not the whole thing)

  5. the part in the middle and the red was made in teh first sesion. we just retouch it again to have some perfekt lines (perfect for palms!!?)

  6. its an impressive tattoo, but the little fingers do it for me more than the rest

  7. this is another absolutely beautiful piece by marc. i’m glad i live in germany and the swastika freakshop is only about a 3h drive away from me. i totally hope to get some work done by him sometime :]

  8. BME has become a regular haven for nazis, pedophiles, white supremacists, etc!!
    WTF happened to you people?!?
    its so sad, BME used to be a great thing. now its disgusting

  9. beautiful, talented stuff — but makes me wonder how long it would last and when it does heal, how well they heal and how different the look from when first done?

  10. heretic138 – what the hell you want tell us here.
    you see the design – its a traditional tibetan Buddhist symbol and swastika plattern. so you wnat say thas real nazi shit. so be not so stupid than i think you are the nazi. so go home and think about…

    open your eyes and dont call me a nazi or that i made nazi tatus…

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