Eyebrow Removal! Controversy! Update!

So you all probably remember this little romp in the Internet hay from last week, wherein Brandon had one of his eyebrows completely removed, and much was made of whether or not such a procedure would heal properly. Well, the preliminary results are in! The above image is after one week, and after the jump, check out three weeks’ worth of progress.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated as the healing continues.

100 thoughts on “Eyebrow Removal! Controversy! Update!

  1. That’s looking a lot better. Must be a bit frustrating that the hair is growing around the sides of the scar though.

  2. That scar looks much better. Hope hair removal wasn’t the main motivation though. The second pic looks like its growin back around the scar pretty good.

  3. It’s definitely healing a lot smoother than anyone in the previous post’s comment forum predicted!

    Brandon: How long do you plan to wait before doing the other one?

  4. Wow, that looks really neat now that its healed. I think it would look a lot better if both were removed though.

  5. To be honest I didn’t think it would heal well at all, but it looks like it’s coming along great.

  6. could you imagine if it had keloided? ewww,
    but im glad it didn’t cause this looks completely awesome.

  7. i thought the scar was gonna have a huuuge area, but its gotten nice and slim.. i think its pretty. it looked really gnarly at first but it looks really good now that its healed up a bit!

  8. The hairs you see in the picture are barely noticeable with the exception of a few that I pull out. It wasn’t worth going outside the main shape of my eyebrow to get every little hair. I am very happy with the results. I am planning on having the next one done in the next month or so.

  9. okay, so i take back the part about it being a shitty idea, it looks alright in comparison to the original.

    i still stand by the rest of my statements regarding shawns general bed side manner and skill. i suppose this might be one thing he can actually put in his portfolio that wont make him look like a retarded 5 yr old, given a scalpel and too many biomechanical tattoos. why cant i be that cool.

  10. Do you now get sweat in your eyes?

    That’s what eyebrows are for right? To prevent sweat coming in to your eyes?

  11. Remember, that picture is only taken after 3 weeks of healing. Keloiding can still be an issue in coming weeks and months. As of now, though, yes, it looks far better than i ever would’ve imagined it would by the job done in the fresh pictures.

  12. sooo much better healed :D

    which is nice because a lot of times it looks like an amazing cutting until it heals…
    hope the second one turns out the same :)

  13. I’m impressed with the lack of raised scarring. With such a wide cute I was assumming he’d be left with a heavily keloided scar. As Brian said though, it’s still early. But impressive so far.

  14. velma_kelly: I would be impressed if there’d be raised scarring considering it’s only few weeks old. That usually comes later. It’s “healed” but nowhere near “done”.

  15. excellent work. perhaps you can call them ‘scarbrows’ or some other equally douchy term.

  16. after a week it looked gross, but after 3.. it looks fine.
    I certainly wouldn’t do it.. but its not that bad I guess.

  17. I hate to disappoint everyone, but this isn’t the first time this has been done. A woman in the student accounts office at my college has scarred eyebrows. They’re slightly keloided, but they look really nice. This didn’t shock me as much as it seems to have shocked so many people because I’ve seen it before.

  18. blow_it_up25: check the skin removal gallery on BMEzine.com.
    There should a photo of Brandon doing Surprised Eyebrows! if its not there already it will be in the next BME update, I just processed the images recently.

  19. healed better than I thought it possible ever would.

    For the next one I think a triangle should be cut out instead of a rectangle. It’ll make him look more inquisitive

  20. looks good!

    now we need to see if its possible to remove an inflated ego… shawn’s asking if anyone would be up to doing his?

  21. Agree with Smurf666. It looked like it wouldn’t heal as well in the beggining, glad it’s coming along so well

  22. I think someone mentioned in the previous thread this would have been better if the hair had been removed permanently by other means then a scarification design put over the top. Have to say I agree with that, although if he got the look he was after, congrats on the successful healing to date. But being entitled to my honest opinion, aesthetically speaking its not as awesome as it could have been.

  23. “Why should it matter that it’s been done before?”

    because all you stupid assholes are obsessed with standing out, despite the fact that you look like insane lunatics.

  24. i didnt expect this to heal like that, but it looks fantastic and both parties involved should be very proud :):):)

  25. well, it’s healing very nicely, i just find it a bit ……. what’s the word. i dunno, just lost, but it definitely puts me off my dinner.

  26. Definitely healing very well! I must admit that I was worried when I saw the first pic of it fresh!

  27. If you read the comments in the first post, everyone was freaking out about not knowing if it would heal well and it being the first time it happened, etc. But it’s not the first time, which kind of negates a lot of the freaking out. I think it looks really good.

  28. Hmm, I still stand my ground that this mod is amazing, both positive and negative.

    But, now the healing has started, it doesn’t look that ‘chaotic’ anymore. Too bad that all the hairs aren’t removed.

    Looks to me it’s time to remove the other one, kind of curious to that result…


  29. “because all you stupid assholes are obsessed with standing out, despite the fact that you look like insane lunatics.”

    That’s not really a valid reason so much as you just being a blatant self-important ass. Try again.

  30. LovelyGrasshopper:
    That’s not really true. A lot of people were “freaking out” about the way in which Shawn O’hare conducted himself in the comments section.

  31. its looking good now and i hope it remains looking good.

    for everyone reading know that it takes 6 months to 1 full year for scar tissue to stabilize and decide on what its doing.

    What it looks like 3-4 weeks is not what it’ll eventually look like in 6 months.

    Long as Brandon’s happy, that’s all that matters in the end.

  32. Healing a lot nicer than I expected! :)

    yttrx- that’s the point of the removal in the first place. Did you even read the other entry? Quote: “I wanted both of my eyebrows removed for quite a while.”

  33. I agree with #70

    looks like its healing decently, but in my opinion, you’re still gonna have a big ol’ ugly block of scar tissue, when there could have been a more pleasing scarification project

  34. this is completely stupid.
    stupid and retarded. when your like 60, your going to be like wtf did i do to myslelf.
    this is horrible looking.

  35. You lot scare the frikkin pants off of me. Leave your body the way it was created for fs

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  37. Dude now you look like powder. this has got to be the stupidest mod i think will ever exsist. while you are at it go ahead and remove your balls that way there will be no little yous running around.

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  40. clearly anyone who supports this doesn’t have trickotillomania. i’d give anything to have my eyebrows back. i love how people abuse themselves, because they are”happy” that way. why don’t all of you people who say it looks great do it? let me tell you something, idiots, it’s not. it’s stupid. it’s sad. we can’t be happy with ourselves until we do stupid radicle shit to ourselves.. then we support each other about it… ”those fake ass tits look hot”, ”the removed eyebrow looks good”. really? get over yourselves.

  41. seriously you guys are crazy. why tamper with a perfectly good body? I’m a car crash victim with facial scars and i wish i didn’t have them.

  42. Why wouldn’t you just take a patch of skin from the back of the neck?? Or at least something “less eyebrow”.

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