A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline

I do not really know anything about soccer. In fact, everything I know about it, I pretty much learned from this blog post. But a cursory reading of Wikipedia will show that this impressive portrait tattoo is of Juan Sebastián Verón, an Argentine footballer currently manning the midfield for Estudiantes de La Plata. Apparently, Verón is kind of a big deal:

In 2004, he was chosen for the FIFA 100, a list of the 125 greatest living footballers selected by Pelé as part of FIFA’s centenary observances.

Wait a second — I’m no word scientist or nothin’, but why is the FIFA 100 a list of 125 players? Man, I really don’t understand soccer at all.

(Tattoo by Andres Hurtado from La City Tattoo in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, while doing a guest-spot at Tattoo Lou’s in Long Island, New York.)

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24 thoughts on “A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline

  1. Acctually it is association football, and that is how it got its american name. It evolved out of the word association soccer.

  2. i guess i’ll be the first to say it. great tattoo, and great call removing the sponsor from the kit.

  3. La Brujita Véron
    Great player, former captain of Argentine national squad, and, of course, amazing tattoo. #9 observed well, great call removing the sponsor, made the work even better.

  4. dont worry, i dont know anything about soccer (or football, sorry we are dumb Americans) either, but the tattoo is beautifully done. =]

  5. voetbal… le football… can’t do the character to type it in German…fotbal….

    Out of every language I understand, it’s only the Amercican and the Afrikaaners that call it anything that translates as ‘soccer’ (sokker in Afrikaans).

  6. #7 “Acctually it is association football, and that is how it got its american name. It evolved out of the word association soccer.”

    You’ll find Soccer is not the American name, but it’s Oxford name, which came from adding -er to things e.g Rugger, Thus shortening Association to ‘Soccer’.

  7. God I love football,

    I have my own Arsenal Tattoo.

    But I think Veron is overrated, He did shit for United, But meh, I have United…

  8. The white looks great, I’m curious will that hold? Because I’m still being told by tattoo artists whenever I ask that large areas of white like that won’t stick XD

    I still say soccer. Football will always mean Aussie Rules to me, no matter how long I live in England I think… !

  9. Nicely done! Pity about the poor choice in player though. He is rubbish..
    But the artwork is beyond exceptional.. Particularly fond of that impressive sheen off his bald head.
    United all the way =D

  10. Is it just me or does anyone else think that it looks like he is wearing a shirt made of bacon?

  11. its 125 because there are currently ALOT of amazing soccer players.
    right now is about the greatest time to be a soccer fan.
    the talent coming up in the past 10 years has been CRAZY.

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