Hum Dum Dum Ditty Dum

Oh, no! Hayley‘s shirt fell off! It must be frightfully windy outside. We’d better leave this photo up, to serve as a warning to others, about the wind.

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75 thoughts on “Hum Dum Dum Ditty Dum

  1. ooh boobies, pink hair is for cool people,
    i’m clearly not just saying that cos i have pink hair.
    boobies would be nice too

  2. SHWING!

    i bet she tastes like cotton candy.

    its funny how some of the posters don’t like fake tits, yet come to modblog knowing that the people here love shoving shit under their skin.

    this girl is definitely cute, but ladies, you should know that big tits aren’t what everyone wants. i’ve always loved tits of all sizes! and personally, i prefer natural breasts no matter their size.

  3. sorry to ruin the mood, but are her boobs fake?

    if not, sorry to offend, but its very rare to be that blessed and for them to be that perky. just sayin.

  4. real and friggin amazing …. made my day …. and nicely accessorized with some piercings!!!

  5. Who cares if they’re fake? If I can motorboat em, they’re real enough for me.

  6. Man, she’s beautiful! Nice boobs, (little jealous, not gonna lie) but her eyes are really what catch me. SO GREEN!!

  7. you guys are stupid…

    hand + bright flash + tits & barbells = pink haired baby face with eyeliner, not perfect perky / fake boobs…

    i’m disappointed in the male (and female…) sex for today…

  8. So Modblog, if I get big fake boobies, stick my lips out in a cheezy kissy face, and photoshop my eye color, can I be on your site too?

  9. I love how some of you assholes shit your panties every time I call an artist out on being incompetent or dangerous, but you feel free to say in public, in a forum that is most certainly being read by the person pictured in that photograph, that you don’t like her face.

    Say what you want about me, and I know you goddamn will, but I have never in my life, EVER sunk that low. And barring a railroad spike to the head, I never, ever will.

    And the rest of you not calling out fuckheads like #11?

    Burn and smolder, the lot of you. Its better than you deserve.

  10. haha at #47 “catch a husband”??? i really hope that was sarcasm!!

    i love that hayley continues to point out that her breasts are indeed natural (#24 & #35) but no one is listening.

    hayley, i hear you! hallelujah!!

  11. I’m proud to say I have never ever photo shopped a picture of myself. Even when there’s flaws I leave everything the way it is. Why change all these colors? Fakeness is lame.

  12. ‘Why change all these colours?’

    I dunno, um, to make a pretty picture?! Cos she felt like it?! COS SHE CAN??!! This doesn’t make her a ‘fake’ person, nor do her boobs, which she has quite clearly pointed out, and were quite obviously anyway, real! :)

  13. #52 you do realize that you’ve just done precisely what the “ugly cretins” have, eh? It’s your attitude that people who have a bit of a problem with an internal judgment of inferiority cannot abide.

  14. Haley you look fabulous doll! Don’t listen to the other jealous girls, they are just mad they don’t have your tits!

  15. Sweet Jesus! That girl is beautiful and the photo is gorgeous. Oh and let me say one thing about females who hate on other females just because they are smoking hot.

    Grow up. Get over it. Stop being jealous cunts.

    Hayley, you are amazing!

    Frankly, I could give a shit whether the photo is shopped or not. It’s still fantastic.

  16. I just wanna say thankyou to all the people that have said nice things.
    And thankyou to the people that dont have anything nice to say, but kept it to themselves :)

  17. Hayley, how can anyone even have anything negative to say about that great photo!
    You look beautiful, anyone who says otherwise gets their human license invalidated!

  18. Just stop making that stupid kissyface, so many girls do that in pictures and I can’t figure out why. It makes them look like morons.

  19. The idea of the photo isn’t to look like a brainiac. Its a SENSUAL photo. Pouting or pusrsing of the lips accents the fullness of them. Many men find that irresistible.

  20. I love how people automatically assume that when mean things are said it’s out of jealousy.

  21. who cares if the photo is overshopped or not?
    it’s a pleasure to look at it and that’s what counts.

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