Let’s just establish this right off the bat, to avoid any arguments: It says “Party Time.” Not “Potty Time” (even though that would be great), not “Party Lime” (though that does sound tasty), and not “Larry Slime” (he prefers to be called “Lawrence”). We have that settled? Now, if so much as one person posts a link to a calligraphy site, I’m turning this blog around, so help me God.

It’s “Party Time.” Get stoked.

(This righteousness is featured on thewhaler, and was done by Derek Hutchinson at Sacred Skin in Des Moines, Iowa.)

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41 thoughts on “Schwing

  1. LOL I ain’t blind, son. Thanks for sharing the pic. You’re more likely to get ppl wondering what the other part of his sleeve is (as in other than the rose). *smiles*

    Ps. Great tattoo

  2. I saw the title ‘Schwing’, saw the hot guy with no trousers, and was BITTERLY disappointed when there was no click through.

    Bad times. Bad times.

  3. makes me think of the .45 Grave song ‘party time’

    now if i only had a record player so i could listen to it

  4. For me it also looks like Lady Time.
    Maybe because of imagining him taking pants off anywhere but not in toilet (blush).

  5. i looove this. he is super cute. he has sweet tattoos. and he’s from des moines.? – fucking sweeeeet :]

  6. I thought it said “Lardy Lime” before I read the article. I was thinking there was a clickthrough for his balls or sumtin…

  7. sallllllllllluuuuut! jpeux appercevoir ton péniiss!

    ok no seriouslyy! nice guyy, really pretty!

  8. Someone always has to start flaming away..

    This isn’t the first time someone has gotten script above their knees. In no way is this a copy of anyone elses tattoo. If by some logic it is, then this whole ‘tattoo culture’ must just be a bunch of copycats right? Oh, and way to ‘call me out’ on my tattoo on a public blog. That takes real gusto.

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