From Here You’ll Watch the World Go By

Tim Gunn checks in:

“So, Caralena, what have you got for us? Oh MY! I think that leopard-print headband is really daring, let me just say. And surrounding those lovely blue eyes with dark colors is doing it for me. It is. Oh, and juxtaposing the blues of your eyes with the bright pink beads on your surface piercing? You have made it work, my friend.”

Thanks, Tim!

(Legendary Pink Dots anti-eyebrow/surface piercing by the folks at Skullfly Tattoo and Piercing in Eugene, Oregon.)

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27 thoughts on “From Here You’ll Watch the World Go By

  1. Pretty but that’s some terrible ‘shopping right there, got any real piercings to offer us?

  2. Wow, this is the same chick that was posted sometime last month. With the rejecting anti-eyebrow.
    Hair color makes a big difference.

  3. I came to claim it looked shopped and none of the people who beat me to it are stopping me from saying so..shopped!

  4. My guess is not so much that she photoshopped the piercing into the picture, but that she photoshopped the ugly rejecting tissue out of the picture.

  5. I’ve never complained about bad posts on modblog before,
    but. reaaly? this deserves to be here?….reaaaaaalllllly?

  6. Very bad shopping. I get the feeling the piercing is very red and sore underneath that blend tool.

  7. since when did this become /. or lambgoat? people sure are whiny. She’s cute, so whatever. she has an iam, so she is part of the community, reason enough for her to be here.

  8. Chances are the flaws were blended out to avoid people picking about it for 5 straight posts.
    Looks like it didn’t work.

  9. “I’ve never complained about bad posts on modblog before,
    but. reaaly? this deserves to be here?….reaaaaaalllllly?”


  10. What’s with the badly done anti eyebrow fad? I have a feeling this was done with a needle, and are those pink balls acrylic? Even with the blur it looks pissed off. I know sooo many people with needle pierced anti eyebrows and have never seen one last more than 6 months before the rejecting got intense. I wonder if the piercers mention that before doing it?

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