This is the Girl

Meltbanana sends in this photo of her new “Zombie Elvis” tattoo. It’s a very well done piece, so I mean absolutely no disrespect whatsoever, but I had no idea Zombie Elvis looks so much like alive David Lynch. That’s good, though, because I wasn’t planning on sleeping for the next 50 years anyway.

(Tattoo by Marco Lari at Quetzal Tattoo in Milan, Italy.)

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39 thoughts on “This is the Girl

  1. at first glance i thought it was a horrid depiction of a dead rockabilly girl with a rose in her hair. =/ hope she got her money back!

  2. the peeling skin around the brain just doesnt work. not to mention i thut it was a woman/old lady.
    not a fan of this tattoo.

  3. yeah this is a horrible tattoo.. not well done at all. its flat and looks like there was about 10 seconds of thought put into the drawing of it.

  4. what I don’t understand, is how the artist seemingly has some talent, but missed the concept completely. All I can think is that maybe the person getting it wanted their ” original artwork”, and that’s the best the tattoo artist could do to clean it up?

    In any event, not good news :/

  5. Looks like a grandmotha wanting to be rockabilly a bit to late..
    Elvis ? yeeeaaah well maybe he’s behind her..

    And the brain ? It looks as though the scalp goes as far up as the hair.. I would’ve been kinda dissapointed if I got this..

  6. the torn prince from thirteen ghosts was my lunchlady’s son in highschool.


    also, dead rockabilly zombie girl/also noticed brain going into hair, high scalp thing.

  7. Def thought it was a chick with a flower in her hair also.

    I think the cheekbones are what makes him look so feminine =/


    Just in case you kids actually forget what Elvis looks like. Also gotta remember Zombies are all about decayed rotting flesh and all that, so it’s not going to look EXACTLY like picture perfect alive Elvis.

    I can SEE the relation to Elvis…The black and grey shade is done well..Although the “skin rip” and brain expose is a bit too 2D for my own personal liking.

    But I say long as Meltbanana is happy with her new tattoo, that’s all that really matters.

  9. You missed what I was saying.
    I’m aware he had cheekbones but the way they were done in the photo adds to the confusion about it being a female.

  10. Besides, there are some more recognizable Elvis zombies in the BME tattoo archives. Search the Music Tattoos section for “zombie Elvis” and pull up two that are undoubtedly Elvis.

  11. Remember when I left all the meat out because I saw Mr. David Lynch “I’m on TV” do it, and he got on TV for doing it, and I did it and didn’t get on TV for doing it?

  12. I fail to see how one could mistake pretty obvious brain matter for a rose.
    Whether or not, you see Elvis is debateable.
    Doesn’t mean it’s not a good tattoo.

  13. Ehhh I dunno, it might be tattooed well, but there really is no excuse for poor anatomy, like that brain is all wrong and the positioning of the ear doesn’t look quite right either. Please don’t say the person ‘wanted it this way’, or ‘that is the style’ because… c’mon, I don’t think we need to make excuses for what is, hate to say it, just bad work :/

  14. In my opinion good technique doesn’t make up for poor tattoo design.

    Then again you know the person that got the tattoo sat and looked at it and approved, so all blame doesn’t rest on the artist.

    I guess if she’s happy then she’s happy, but if I wanted a portrait, I’d be upset if it didn’t remotely look like the person who’s picture I brought in.

    This is kind of like if you wanted a tattoo of a monkey, and ended up with a shark.

  15. I think the direction the hair seems to be flowing is the reason it gives that rockabilly vibe. I also agree with some of the posts that mention the brain being flat.

  16. Don’t see Elvis, but it rocks nonetheless. The shading is great, looks like you could feel that texture.

  17. #6, Oh shit, i thought that was a rose too, you mean it’s suppose to be a brain??

    Shouldn’t have said it was suppose to be Elvis, it would have been a good dead girl/grandmother… I guess this is a fail then? Nice looking fail though…

  18. “dang it Bobby!” ( in my hank hill voice)
    looks like a zombie hank hill
    def. looks like a granny at first glance though
    and way to make a brain look like a wallpaper rip-through haha

  19. oh well!
    I like it.

    It’s not a perfect tattoo, it is from the guy that works with me in the studio where I work and it means more than just a “tattoo”. He’s trying to get his personal style in horror portraits and black and grey works, so I am trying to support him…this is why I got this nice elvis tattoo, also cause I have a classical ELVIS portraitr on the other side of my leg.if u can recognize Elvis or not, I like it anyways: because its always a “zombie”, say it a grandma, say it elvis, say it David Lynch ahahah it doesnt mean that much..

    I have better tattooes on my self but having what other people call “bad tattooes” its part of the game!


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