BME Shop Spotlight

Welcome to the BME Shop Spotlight, in which we’ll feature candid shots of you lovely people sporting the latest in BME shirts, jewelry, and, well, anything else that found its way out of BME Shop.

Today’s model is pretty_little_monster, sporting America’s favorite T-shirt, the classic “Life is pain. Learn to enjoy it” print. Also, the eagle-eyed among you may notice the ominous Dr. BME on the wall in the background, silently judging you, or perhaps just daydreaming? Who knows.

Thanks, pretty_little_monster! And to everyone else, don’t forget to send in your photos of yourselves decked out in BME gear! New designs are being added regularly, and our jewelry selection and stock of supplies are getting bigger every day. Have you noticed the brand new sexy sex toys? Hop to it.

6 thoughts on “BME Shop Spotlight

  1. It’s not a dorm at all… lol it’s just my room. at home. thanks for the comment guys =)

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