The Invasion is Imminent

Umm, Jesus. For those of you who were wondering why that terrifying eyeball tattoo had a crack at the bottom, it’s because it was opening a portal to hell, which has allowed godless monsters like this beast to escape. Is it a steam whistle, filled with demons? Don’t look at it for too long.

(Tattoo by Billy the Bastard at Custom Inc. in Glasgow, Scotland.)

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17 thoughts on “The Invasion is Imminent

  1. This reminds me of those trippy drawings that were on the inside of the Slim Shady LP. Cool.

  2. i think it looks like a spray can.. like grafitti thingy.
    i can’t even spell that. lol. cute though!

  3. Yah its a spray can, there is a little bit of iconic graffiti imagery in there too (he is wearing a ‘Fat Cap’ , which is what you use to cover very large areas fast while spray painting(biggest spray zone))

  4. yeah, Its def a spray can. Love it. Im after getting something graff related being *SUSH!* a graffiti artist myself.

    Cant help thinking tho that the eyes would look better with pupils.

  5. This looks very similar to a tattoo done by Gary Wiedenhof of Inkredible Creations, also in Scotland. He has it on his business card. Is it a common theme in graffiti?

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