Hands On

Meltbanana sends in this wild skin-removal piece (of her husband’s hand-print) done by Lukas Zpira while he was at Officina Tattoo in Milan, Italy. I like the sentiment; it’s like a friskier take on a wedding/commitment tattoo or scar. Another shot, after the jump.

40 thoughts on “Hands On

  1. Is it just me or does that look like a huge handprint?
    I wonder if it’s actual size, haha

  2. Yeah i was about to comment on the size of the handprint too!
    Bloody massive haha. I like it though

  3. To those people saying the handprint is really massive, maybe she’s just really small?

    Or both!

  4. if your hand fits the hand print do you win a prize? otherwise im just going to head over to that sword in the stone over there.

  5. for those saying its really big look at the first picture her pinky is about the same as the fingers on the hand print. If anything she has big hands or his are small

  6. oh well, I totally had the idea of making the handprint also after seeing the other scar you linked…..but…I mean, its like saying that no one should have “the name of her boyfriend” tattooed because in the past there was a girl that first had the name of her boyfriend tattooed. I didnt copy the actual work of others, I just “copied” the IDEA since this is the REAL handprint of my husband, who actually did the handprint on me and then Lukas scarred it. it is 100% unique and this is what makes it special – and YES, also pretty HUGE ahahah
    I dont get the point of “think someone should not copy the work of others, in order to respect the artist who made it and the person who has that piece” :D

  7. Nice piece… As to the whole “omg yoO shudnt copy any1 elses wurk GAWD!” shit…

    Everything has been done before…. Barely anything is “unique” or “one of a kind” and as soon as you but ANY of your mods on the net, no doubt someone will yoink the design….


    Awesome removal! That is one BIG ASS HAND!!!

  8. maybe its just the angle, but the palm part right below the thumb looks wayyy to low.. it doesnt look proportional at all. i know its an actual print, but still.. doesnt look right to me.

  9. 16/Ze
    We live in a world of very few original ideas. And unlike print making or graphic design at large, this isn’t just an image you sell to people, this is something put on someone’s body. They LIVE with that art for the rest of their lives, and if 80 people all want the exact same, then I don’t think they should feel guilty.

  10. when I looked at this quick it looked like bacon strips …I dont know why lol

    it looks good though

  11. #16, just because it’s a hand print doesn’t mean it’s work copied. It’s just a hand print. No one did it first. No such thing as original.

  12. or maybe just maybe more than one person has thought of the same idea. I know I know, it is a stretch but I think that its possible that more than one person in the world wants a scar of a loved ones hand on them.

  13. i think the two handprints are extremely different. two different styles of prints if you will.

    i think it looks great. kudos meltbanana

  14. The handprint scar idea was shown on the National Geographic show “Taboo.” An Australian gent had one of his woman’s handprints tattooed on his left chest and the other print scarred on his right (or vice versa).

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