12 thoughts on “Zip It

  1. I really enjoy this!…
    but, maybe I’m just being a worry wart when I wonder how sanitary it is…

  2. makes me want to find somebody to get a whole buncha surface piercings somewhere, then after healed put something like this on with the jewelry and uhh, zip shit up i guess?

  3. even if you attempted to sterilize the cloth, theres still a chance remnants of it from piercing it could get under the skin

  4. no matter what you do there will be always a chance that it wont work out. but in this case everything worked well

  5. Zippers are usually polyester or nylon, but I’m not sure what the melting point is. If an autoclave is heated up to 134C would that melt the zipper? You might be able to cold sterilize it, but I don’t know what kind of reaction you’d get between the fabric of the zipper tape and the sterilizing solution, and you’d have to rinse with a *lot* of sterile water, then dry (and the drying could potentially allow re-contamination)…

    But what the hell, I’m just old and risk-adverse now. I probably woulda dun it myself ten years ago. Youth and folly is so much more interesting than old age and caution.

  6. There is nothing – non-sanitary – about this.
    Really all you have to do is flame the needles then cool them off to not burn urself.
    If the zipper is clean? new? It is no different then any other peircing( though the zipper is unordinary).
    Perhaps people think it is unsanitary by referring to the most common use of a zipper.

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