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[National MS Society] On March 1, 2009, the National MS Society is hosting its inaugural Climb to the Top fundraiser in New York City, in which participants will climb the several million 66 floors of the Rockefeller Center in order to benefit the National MS Society’s NYC chapter. Oh, and it just so happens that local roustabouts Kevin and (world-renowned artist) Cere will be among the 1,000 people taking part, representing TEAM BME! Between the two of them, they’ve already raised an incredible $1,320. It’s a great cause, and give if you can.

Click here to donate to TEAM BME for the National MS Society’s Climb to the Top.

[Venus by Maria Tash] Rachel mentioned it yesterday, but don’t forget that tomorrow is BME Day at Venus by Maria Tash! BME will be on location all day, shooting video of you getting pierced for BME’s new video section (coming soon!) and giving away BME swag with every piercing. Fun? Fun.

[BME Scholarship] Don’t forget: deadlines for the 2009 BME Scholarship are fast approaching! Essays and entry materials are due May 1, 2009, with the winner slotted to be announced July 1. This is one of the projects that really sets the BME community apart from many others: Having been dutifully run by Darrin Fowler for years, and now in the good care of Mark Anstrom, the BME Scholarship has gone to help some of the community’s students of higher learning pursue their academic goals since 2005. This, also, is a fantastic cause, and students, get your submissions in! As well, keep an eye on BME News for an interview with a former scholarship winner, coming soon …

3 thoughts on “BME News and Notes

  1. Hey, I have MS!
    Thank you for your help with the NMSS. :)

    Me, and others like me deeply appreciate your help! Thanks again!!

  2. Thank you so much. I can’t even express to you how much your contribution to the NMSS means to so many people. I have MS, and am thankful for BME’s raising awareness of the disease.
    Thanks again. Keep up the goods [:

  3. should be a really great day.. i am tryin to get a helmet cam for the climb… I plan on getting the best time as well .

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