This is How I Feel

I swear, the scarification submissions lately have just been an absolute embarrassment of riches, and this shot of Sophie by Collin J. Rae, featuring a scar by the third-most-famous Australian ever, Wayde Dunn, is certainly no exception. Also, it’s a heart! Like for Valentine’s Day! See? Timely.

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29 thoughts on “This is How I Feel

  1. wow she is beautiful and the heart scar looks great on her but i wish the rest of her was in focus better

  2. Who are the first and second most famous Austrailians?
    Or is that a silly question?
    Beautiful scarfication by the way.

  3. now THIS is some good, old-fashioned modblog

    thank you for my valentines day gift, jordan! i know it was especially for meeee!

  4. WOW! I like the look of scarification but alot of the time it doesn’t heal as nicely so it looks weird. This one looks like it healed perfectly, I’m hoping it did and the angle isn’t just complementary. I love it

  5. It might just be me but I assumed the other two famous Aussies to be Stelarc and Carl Carrol??? Heya Wayde when are you coming to visit again???

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