Valentine’s Specials at Sacred Tattoo

Hey, our friends at Sacred Tattoo are practically giving away romantic/bitter/vaguely erotic (?!) tattoos tomorrow! Valentine’s Day + crippling recession = deals.

That is correct! For one day only, Sacred Tattoo is offering a deal that is too good to be true. We created a special set of flash with a love theme that starts at $20! The designs are traditional, funky, perverted, and bitter. (Brass knuckles that says “Love Hurts,” heart-shaped skull & crossbones, and even a “Thinking of you” condom tattoo.

We will also be doing name tattoos starting at 20 bucks!!!

This will be first come, first served so be sure to come early. The shop opens at noon and closes at 8pm. Some restrictions apply. Feel free to give the shop a call with any questions.

14 thoughts on “Valentine’s Specials at Sacred Tattoo

  1. *zips off to future*

    *comes back*

    There were hovering cars, and a whole bunch of laser tattoo removals!
    Gonna get flamed, but I dont think its a great idea to encourage partner’s names as tattoos by offering bargain prices……its not something to be done lightly.

    On the other hand its down to the individual to decide whether its a good idea or not and take responsibility.

  2. I personally love that they’re offering deals on name tattoos, too awesome/funny.. it’ll be interesting to see how many people do it, despite the overall knowledge that it’s a bad idea…

  3. Hey, if I was in the area, I’d totally do a $20 name tattoo — but I’d do my best friend’s name, and since she passed away five years ago, I don’t think we’re gonna get in a big fight and suddenly hate each other. That said, pretty much the only way I’d do somebody’s name would be if a) they’re my kids, and since I don’t have any, that’s a moot point, or b) they’re dead.

    Although, actually, I think it would be awesome get a name tattoo done of just a random name that has nothing to do with anything that’s not the name of someone you know.

  4. Thats a really good idea, ironicly seen.

    Today there will be tattoos with names and some days/moths later they have customers, too, who want to do a cover-up because the one who is tattooed on his body is the ex-friend.

    That is a form of capitalism

  5. So critical.

    If someone wants to ink a name on themselves, it’s their own responsibility. Some couples -do- last, and some names are ones that you will never want to change.

    The “Thinking of You” condom amuses me. :3

  6. name tatts? Man, I can’t think of a worse thing to do for Valentines- that implies they’re expecting you to come in and get your lover’s name done. I realise plenty of people might come in to get a family member/someone important done up, but seriously? Any artist worth his salt wouldn’t let someone ruin their body with a lover’s name.

  7. the tracking on the script type is horrible!! it hurts my brain.

    also, they dont have ten “fonts” to choose from, they have ten TYPEFACES to choose from. two different things.


  8. Thanks again for the coverage!!!

    The shop is filled with a crazy amount of people right now.

    And yes, we are offering 10 TYPEFACE lettering fonts. Does not have to be someone’s name Could be words as well.

    And yes, the “thinking of you” condom tattoo has been done a few times today.

  9. I have a name tattoo.. Haha. No regrets, I think its funny and it will remind me of a certain day for the rest of my life.
    I should get that date below it actually.
    I want more name tattoos, there are people that have changed my life y’know…
    My friend got his girlfriends name tattooed on his wrist. The artist was like “This is such a bad idea, I hate doing name tattoos!”.
    I think its kind of a cute thing for a shop to do for a holiday…
    But, let’s plug…. :P

  10. Yesterday was a great turnout! We had such great feedback from customers getting tattooed.
    The only names that were really done were children’s names.

    And yes #13, Fadefast would be a good way to get rid of those regrets.
    We’ve also started carrying infinink at our studio just in case.

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