Made Good Under Pressure

Fan favorite Miss Duveaux weighs in on diamonds, love and marriage:

I got this from Ilya, because I always said I feel marriage is a silly thing, I never want to get married, I just feel better celebrating love in a different way … the only good thing about marriage is the huge kick-ass diamond every girl wants to have, but never gets (or at least it’s never big enough). And I just got it, my own huuuuge diamond, diamonds are a girl’s best friend … so I’m pretty darn happy!

(Tattoo by Lennaert at Frostbyte Tattoo in Alkmaar, Netherlands.)

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35 thoughts on “Made Good Under Pressure

  1. I would love to know what she’s wearing in her ears–the way it catches the light is stunning!

  2. is it just me or did anyone else think she is a better version of fergie from black eyed peas?

  3. Is there something I don’t know about matrimony outside the US that the commentary is about marriage and diamonds rings yet the tat is on her right ring finger? Either that, or it’s a *really* sharp image of a reverse image (i.e., taken in the mirror)?

  4. “the huge kick-ass diamond every girl wants to have, but never gets (or at least it’s never big enough)”

    I couldn’t agree less. I’m actually amazed that people still think that all women love diamonds.

  5. this is a lovely photo. I WANT a hat like that.
    Her ear jewelery looks similar to mine, mine is made from Drusy Crystal.

  6. wow, absolutely gorgeous! mile high club anyone?

    mung, better call it abalone of the americans will get confused ;) [with love from the south pacific!]

  7. She is so f’n gorgeous. The curls, the light makeup,her expression…just classically sexy. Love the idea of the tattoo.
    But from my understanding, countries in the East wear wedding rings on the right hand (or so I was told)…her tat was done in the Netherlands. Here in the US, right handed rings are popular as well whereas women get them for themselves.

  8. it’s on my right hand – both my sister and my mom’s wedding ring is on that finger (I have no clue on what finger it is suppose to be or whatever – that’s how less interest I have in marriage…

    The ear jewelry is from Industrial strenght

    and I love the old fashion things – back then all the girls loved diamonds… but if ya don’t I don’t mind! ass long as you don’t hate me for loving mine ;)

  9. In the NL we put our engagement ring on the left side and our marriage ring on the right side, if you are a catholic you do it the other way. Besides, the weddingring in holland is mostly a plain gold or silver ring, the stones are from this generation and big diamonds are concidered very ‘american’ in our country, but you see it happening more often nowadays.

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