I’ve Got the Bones on the Mast

As ubiquitous as some find suspensions these days, one thing that typically stands out to me is, to a person, how calm those suspending always seem, and how peaceful the process always comes across as being — with the one exception being coma suspensions. Which isn’t a knock on them; aesthetically, coma suspensions are some of my favorites, but they just seem inherently more chaotic in photos, don’t they? Either way, I really love this series of Robin suspending with the help of Concrete Jungle Tribe in Malmo, Sweden. More shots, after the jump.

See more in Concrete Jungle Tribe (Suspension Teams and Bonus Galleries)

13 thoughts on “I’ve Got the Bones on the Mast

  1. I’ve always wondered what music people choose for moments like these… what are you listening to?

  2. I was only waiting to see some of these shots on ze blog :D. Amazing photos. Very super amazing indeed.
    I’m glad you had such a pleasant experience :’).

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