Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention — Official Flyer

I know we’ve been talking about the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts convention a whole lot lately, but it’s with good reason: This is really shaping up to be an incredible event that should be a huge “get-there” moment for a lot of people in the community. To say nothing of the stellar scarification artist lineup and BME’s own presence there, as that poster shows, this is just going to be a lot of fun with some really great performances. (Plus, there’s always a good chance that an all-out brawl will develop with the Suicide Girls/God’s Girls/Burning Angel trifecta, and as far as the live painting goes, I’ve heard good things about those Shawn Barber and Kim Saigh kids.)

As well, there is still space available for people/shops/etc. looking for booths. Visiting the convention’s web site for details, or call Troy at 215-882-1362.

15 thoughts on “Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention — Official Flyer

  1. I am unbelievably stoked for this.

    For those of you on, we also have an events page for this, along with some extra-curricular activities as well. Please sign up!

  2. who is that guy on the left of the murphy’s law banner in the middle?

    is that penguin boy?

  3. Here’s my prediction:

    *Suicide Girls will stand around acting vapid and being degraded by the site owner
    *God Girls will stand around acting vapid and being and being degraded the site owner
    *Burning Angels will stand around shoving things into their vaginas and/or assholes

  4. Im on BA and GG but will not be partaking in any girl events, but all of the girls are wonderful.
    I bet if you asked nicley the BA girls will shove things up there hoo ha’s. : )

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