Drawing Blood in Defence

And here we have another to add to the ranks of the most-impressive scarification submissions lately, this time from Gibi Body Art in Brasilia, Brazil. And sorry about the delay in posts this afternoon, ModBloggers, there was some Internet trouble at the office. And by “office” I mean the closet in the guest-room. We’ll definitely have another couple posts up before bedtime, though, so worry not.

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15 thoughts on “Drawing Blood in Defence

  1. When I saw this I literally OOOOOH’ed outloud. Look at the blook on the last flower!! Amazing!!

  2. I normally am not a fan of scarification, but this is the kind of cutting that makes a case for exceptions to the rule.

  3. # 6 i was thinking the saaame thing…
    This is one i would not want to heal… just look like this forever…..

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