Hellooooooo Nurse!

Apologies for the obligatory cornball title, but this lovely shot of Moritura was taken by Aimee Fiona for a set called “Beauty Redefined.”

(Sleeve by Shane Horinaka.)

48 thoughts on “Hellooooooo Nurse!

  1. DUDE!
    She definitely looks like a mod-heavy Angelina!

    you’re absolutely breathtaking!

  2. What has she done with her lower lip / chin? Looks awesome :D
    And those handimplants remind me of a smiley. hehe

  3. She’s so lovely! All her jewelry suits her extremely well.
    And I still remember that kitten sleeve. Wonderful stuff.


    Absolutely beautiful mods that add to her and don’t dominate which is hard to pull off. And woo for symmetry!

  5. Her hand looks crazy! haha but i LOVEEE her chin. i too, wonder what she did to it? She kind of looks like a vampire. idk she’s fckin hotttt ! everything suits her PERFECTLY.

  6. Im sure she used to have implants on her chest. Maybe its the angle or something but Im sure They arent there now.

  7. on my chin was a skinpeeling done, and i still have my implants on my chest ;)
    on my upper lip is a horizontal surface :)

    more pictures on my IAM page :)

    thank u all so much for the lovely comments!


  8. Oh shit, my prayers got answered.

    Life doesn’t suck, after all.

    What, she’s not going out with me tomorrow?

    Shit, it’s not like I’m never happy, but… life’s depressing.

  9. I was dragging myselft around the house in search of a piece of duct tape when it struck me in its obviousness: Chuck Norris was busy roundhouse-kicking protozoa 500000000 years ago just for the sake of obtaining Moritura today as a result.

    Good Chuck.

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