Walking a Cheetah

Somebody get this man a lifetime membership! Err:

Lord’s Gym is a sports outreach center desinged to give young people an outlet and alternative in today’s world. Not only does Lord’s gym provide weight training and cardiovascular training, it also provides mentoring. Lord’s Gym believes the best in young people and gives them an avenue to forsee thier potential and future. Lord’s Gym also features boxing, kickboxing, cardio classes, Hip Hop breakdancing, indoor basketball court, game consoles, pool tables and much more.

Oh, right. So, not really a membership situation, then? Carry on.

(Tattoo by Sean Walrad at Pikes Peak Tattoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado.)

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41 thoughts on “Walking a Cheetah

  1. I hate it when religion tries to “reach out” and appear hip and/or cool.

    Come on religion, when are you just going to face the facts and open a Lawn Bowling outreach centre.
    Let’s face it, you are going to attract alot more devotees from the 70-100 year old crowd, about to die and scared of what might be there in they don’t quickly start giving all their retirement funds to the church and apologising/confessing for all their prior sins.

    Also, yes. Yes I did just say that Lawn Bowls is uncool and for old people on the verge of death.
    You lot can also be guilty for trying to reach a hip younger audience, it isn’t working for you. It never will.

  2. Not to be the atheist asshole, but I’m pretty sure this tat is based on one of those crappy generic christian t-shirts that vendors at the mall sell.

    I’m all for doing good things for kids, it’s just that religious centers tend to also sell a message that is anti-safe sex, and that just isn’t helping anyone.

  3. It would be more badass if Jesus were doing a bench press with the bar going through his hand holes. Jesus always wants to look as badass and jacked as possible.

  4. Shaun, while I am not a member my self, I am a freestyle wrestler, and many of the people I meet at tournaments train there. You dont have to be a christian to train. Its like the boys and girls club used to be, funded by a church.

    Its actually a great alternative for people who are interesting in sports and cant afford the costs of club teams, or expensive martial arts studios.

    Dont be so Cynical!

  5. thats being said, i think the lettering on the G could have been done a little nicer, it doesnt look much like a cursive G.

  6. i think the G is a bit too small and thats what is throwing most people off. The space in the middle might actually blur in more over the next couple years.

    Lord’s Gym also features boxing, kickboxing, cardio classes, Hip Hop breakdancing, indoor basketball court, game consoles, pool tables and much more.

    Boxing, kickboxing, breakdancing, and game consoles, wow cant get more jesus than that!!

  7. God created the world and each and everything. Was it her that created evil, too?
    And will the nazarene become stronger the more we sin? I mean more weight=more growth… should we support him? ;-)

  8. I know this isn’t supposed to be a funny tattoo….. but one of the funniest ones i’ve ever seen…….

  9. I’m down with any depiction of Christ where he’s fuckin’ ripped like he’s going on the warpath.

    Look out sinners!

  10. Not only does Lord’s gym provide weight training and cardiovascular training, it also provides mentoring.

    … and brainwashing too apparently…

  11. Go ahead and shit on religion, plenty of reasons. That said, it might be a cheesy image, but it’s obviously been empowering for the wearer. Tattoo technicalities and societal context be damned, I like it.

  12. How does this community, that makes superstars of people who hang from hooks, dislike the idea of a man that was electively crucified? I mean, fuck context, the act itself should appeal to damn near everyone here! (and if this was Buddha or some other religious figure no one would criticize it)

  13. 24.

    Maybe we just have an overabundance of mind numbingly ridiculous christian sentiment. Granted I’m tired of seeing Hotei on t-shirts and other such crap, or being caleld a god or something…but I don’t mind Buddhism as much.

  14. #24, Cucuy,
    very good point indeed.

    To some of the others,
    Though this seems to be a virtual rompus room for shit talking, I will refrain from giving my opinion of the piece, as artist endeavor.
    However, I will give my opinion on ignorance. It is simply amazing the emerging evangelical posturing that “hip and cool” atheism has taken, and on BME no less. Seriously, how does perpetuating dogma against those who feel compelled to have a religion prove useful or provide a legitimate environment for dialogue?
    And for those who think they know The Word and what following Christ automatically entails, do not only yourself, but everyone else a favor, and please speak only for yourself.

  15. Honestly,
    I don’t care if it is a tattoo based on religion or not.

    I think most, if not all tattoos and body mods are lame.
    All tattoos and body mods essentially boil down to “art”. (Now I am not defining what should be considered “art” and what should not be considered “art”. Thats just an opinionated rant.)

    What I am doing is simply making the statement that most tattoos are done in “styles” that are considered hip and cool at the time. And guess what..styles change but tattoos are forever. Someday “traditionals” will even be considered “over done” and consequently “lame”.

    Let the flaming/ranting begin!

  16. Why does it seem to bother so many people that this man chose religious/spiritual symbology for his tattoo? Is BME not a group that accepts almost all self expression of any kind??

  17. their problem isnt that its religious, its that its a Abrahamic religion.
    and its not all bme, just the ignorant people on bme, just like everywhere else, bme has them too.

    although it does sadden me that even a society that is supposed to be open to anyone is so narrow minded when it comes to these regards, its almost pathetic the hypocrisy of it.

  18. This is mostly to |Heron|, but to all as well.

    This is a video of Penn Jillette, who had had some success in comedy and is known for his atheistic view. In this video he is given a Bible by a man who had come to see his show. Please, watch it if you can, regardless of your view it is good food for thought.

    For those who follow YHWH in his 3 persons, including myself, we have no choice but to proselytize. The massage we carry is one we would rather die horrible deaths than renounce it. No, we won’t stop telling it. We simply love you too much.

  19. typical non religion knowing christianity bashing secularists….
    sometimes you guys/girls/whom ever,are assholes,and that tattoo is sacrilegious to the extreme.
    Jesus died for our sins,not for your advertising dill weed.
    or to embolden assholes who dont like my religion..in either case,so much for liberals,or body mod fans.. seeing that we have room for everyone….except christians,who follow the gospel need not apply.

  20. I think the idea of an outreach centre like that is a great one, and something that should be explored in certain areas, especially in inner cities. What’s preferable, a bunch of bored teenagers getting into gang warfare, shooting each other (worst case scenario obviously but not exactly an unknown one) or them having a place where they can go, work out their aggression, chill out with friends or (god forbid) talk to someone when they need to.

    So what if it seems to be Christian run. They’re not all nutjob Westboro Baptist Church weirdos you know, and stop being so bloody hypocritical when it comes to lifestyle choices.

  21. I love this tattoo it doesn’t seem like people agree with me, but I think its creative and well done. =)

  22. I love this tattoo it doesn’t seem like people agree with me, but I think its creative and well done. =)

  23. mostrandolengua,
    perhaps you misunderstood my meaning. I was not detracting from proselytization. On the contrary, I was referring to those who would contend that being a follower of Christ means engaging in building walls and exclusivities. I see so much finger pointing and accusation on the parts of many here, mostly by those who think they know of Christ’s message, but what is experienced is the message of the church. Indeed, sharing what is discovered when the heart has been broken is beyond description, but we are indeed compelled to attempt.

  24. There’s a Lord’s Gym in Vancouver, WA. I didn’t believe my best friend when he told me about it…until I went to visit.

  25. This is horrific.

    It’s a 20 year old t shirt design.

    The Bible inspired masters from Michaelangelo to Caravaggio to Handel,… it’s 3500 years old, 66 books long, & is filled with the most insane imagery ever assembled. Yet, this was the best you could do.

    Great. ‘This blood’s for you!’ haw haw haw,…

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