Me Want Food

And this tattoo, done at Lucky Lou’s in Atlantic City, New Jersey, says, of course, “Nom Nom Nom” in Arabic, because, hey, Middle Easterners gotta munch too, am I right?

An alternate spelling on Jimmieknuckles by “The Big Ragu,” done somewhere in scenic New Jersey, after the jump.

19 thoughts on “Me Want Food

  1. As far as 3 semesters of Modern Standard dialect classes went, it was “na’am.” Interesting tattoo either way, though.

  2. I like the repetition of the first piece and the aesthetics of the design, but I wish the artist had spent more time making them look the same.

  3. the second tattoo reminds me of the sarah silverman episode where she asks God to get rid of the police officers. he then turns them into buggles & she enjoys eatting them off of her fingers.

  4. Hungry in Arabic is جَوْعان which is pronounced something like jow-anne. What is on her back is the word Naam which as someone stated is “Yes”.

  5. I was under the impression the internet, specifically “icanhas” and variations on such, have ruined the English language. It appears this catastrophe is on a much larger scale.

  6. Sorry to be a spoil-sport, but these are poorly done. They don’t even come close to matching each other, and the word is wrong. This girl needed to have done some research before she went tattooing something on her body in a language she is obviously not familiar with.

  7. That doesn’t say nom, that’s more of a nem. The E being a bit of a gutteral sound. Nom would be نام

  8. I’m stuck in two minds with this.
    The tattoo looks quite unprofessional (if that’s possible for a tattoo), but if all three words were written exactly the same, and the lines were all perfectly straight, I think the tattoo would look too clinical and uniformed. No writing is perfectly formed. The slight shakey-ness of it makes it look more natural. I only really noticed any differences in each piece when I went back and looked at it again.
    I still like it, even if the coice of word is a bit odd, and possibly misspelt.

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