Spooky Scary

Earlier this month—on Friday the 13thspheniscus was at work when her co-worker, Jowan, at Tribe Piercing in Göteborg, Sweden, thought to offer free brandings, ostensibly on the condition they were “13″ related, I suppose? Well, this is hers! “I literally screamed. The whole time,” she says. Branding is fun.

17 thoughts on “Spooky Scary

  1. The movie fucking blew. I would like to say though, that I think the brandings are cool and that she’s very cute.

  2. Oh, I went by Tribe just before that, then, just before me and my friend went to the tattoo shop next to it to get our tattoos… ;)

  3. That would be cool bena. LOL
    I’ve never met spheniscus. Guess I have to visit the store and check her out. Maybe get that nipple pierced once and for all.

  4. haha, I got a #13 tattoo last friday the 13th, wish I got one again this year :(

    looks badass in that style and location though, i’m jealous!

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