Help Find Jenny Chytra

The following is copied and pasted from Facebook:

Our friend Jennifer Chytra is missing.

She has a serious drug addiction ( opiates ) that have led to her dropping all contact with friends & family.
We are seriously worried for her life & want to find her to help her seek treatment.
When seen last in Toronto ( Dec.07 ), we found out she was living in an abusive environment with a drug dealer.

Last place where she was said to be located: Brantford Ontario.

Birthdate: May 11, 1984

Height: 5’10

Weight: 90-110lbs

Eyes: Light brown ( no glasses )

Hair: Shoulder length, naturally blond dyed dark brown. May be blond again now but most likely not.

Markings: four circular scars in the middle of her chest, circular scars on her shoulder blades.
Black star outline tattoos on each upper arm.
Three cherry blossoms on her hip.

She used to live in Mississauga until she was around the age of 19. We lost contact with her for the most part after she moved to London & got into the drug scene.

*She has been a member of IAM.BMEZINE.COM for several years. Her last update has been on 2006/03/09

If you live in one of the aforementioned areas & think you have seen her please contact us & call the police ( She is being abused, a heroin addict & associated with drug dealers ).
You may help save her life…..

She will look more run down then the photos convey because of long term drug abuse, so please don’t hesitate to contact us even if you just see a resemblance of the girl in the photos.

* She is loved but doesn’t know it*

Contact Marlena or Laura with any information.

40 thoughts on “Help Find Jenny Chytra

  1. we can’t call people without wings angels, so we call them friends.

    its touching to see people care that much. my thoughts are with you and her, even if i am half a world away.

    I hope things turn out well.

  2. OH Jen!

    I miss you! My thoughts are with her family.

    I love you Jenny. <3

  3. … people it looks like you (and IAM) have been trolled.

    welcome to the internet

  4. Would you still have posted this, had she had no tattoos? Is that the only reason this is relevant?

  5. MadHatter: Jenny or “Jenc0″ was at one point a very active member of not only the BME community but also the Toronto suspension scene for a few years and an old friend of many in this community. There has been many times I can remember in recent years hearing: “Hey, whatever happened to Jenc0?” Getting this news was not what any of us ever expected or hoped for, the hope is that she does eventually find the help she needs and moves on to a better life.

  6. we used to talk way back in the day before the site went to shit. im sorry shes had such a bad turn of events in her life that led her to that road.

  7. my best wishes go out to you folks trying to help your friend.
    hopefully one day soon she will see how much she means to people around her, and she will want the help you offer.
    dont ever give up trying

  8. on the facebook page it said shes liveing with a drug dealer

    not being held hostage

    shes liveing their on her own free will

    let her destory her own life drugs are for losers

  9. #21

    Seriously dude shut the fuck up there are times when being a prick about somebodys drug problem are ok, we all know drugs arnt cool w/e, but seriously on a missing persons post wtf is wrong with you.

  10. Um is she actually missing, or is she just living a life nobody agrees with? You just noticed she hasn’t posted since 2006? Doesn’t sound like some of the posters who said they’re her friends cared about her 3 years ago

  11. Seriously people! Sometimes addicts need help, sometimes that is all it takes. People use drugs for many reasons and you don’t give up on people just because. Kudos for her friends for trying to find her and get her help. If you don’t like it, is it possible to keep your ignorant comments to yourself or are you so deprived of a life you like to kick up drama.

    Good luck, I hope her friends are able to find her and she accepts the help they are offering!

  12. Yes, Mikie, she’s leading a self-destructive lifestyle we don’t agree with. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize the problem she has, which is why she isn’t asking for help………..YET. It would be nice to have the opportunity to, at least TRY to get her help before something inevitably happens that is irreparable.

    You fuckers only say what you say because she’s a stranger to you and you didn’t have the opportunity to know the incredible person she was before all of this. If you did not know her and don’t have anything constructive or encouraging to say then please keep it to yourself, because this is very upsetting for a lot of others.

  13. thanks so much to everyone who has shown their concern.
    were making up a plan as to what to do first. marlena and i have contacted several rehab and detox clinics as well as my cousin who is a police officer.
    if you have anything to offer please feel free to join us on facebook the groups name is HELP FIND JENNY CHYTRA ~ Intervention.

    the link to there is

    on the group there is a discussion board for anyone who has been addicted or coped with someone that has been addicted.

    if you have anything helpful to add that would be wonderful…
    several people including myself have posted notes on the wall as to anythin nice that we can remember of her or jsut anything kind
    we more than likly may be putting it all together to give to her while she is recovering to let her remember how much she is loved.

    thanks so much,
    laura aka the former .onyx.

  14. This sucks.

    For all that are planning intervention: she has to want the help before it will stick. Opiates have over 90% recidivism rate; that is astronomically high.

    If drugs were decriminalized and meted out in controlled doses with known quality, this would remove the “drug dealer” element and taxes levied could go towards treatment.

    Another victim of the drug war. But yeah, She needs to hit rock bottom before she’s ready for help, so don’t get too mad at her if she’s not yet responsive to your please. Eventually, she will be.

    Good luck to Jenny and all touched

  15. Granted Jenny may not be missing. She may be living in Brantford in a place we can or cannot find, but you can also conclude that she is no longer the girl we knew. She is caught up in some pretty bad stuff so looking for her, finding her, searching for her is so much more then locating her physical body, but helping her find a way back to herself. Not because she is doing things we disagree with only, but because that is what friends do.

  16. I’m Jenny’s little sister, and she is not missing. This is more about people trying to convince her to get help, something I’m not really involved in, and before you say I’m an awful person, I’ve tried that route, and all it got me was Jenny not speaking to me for over 2 years. I didn’t know if she was dead or alive. The only reason she maintains contact with me (and not anyone else) is because I don’t judge her or nag her about her lifestyle. She KNOWS it’s wrong. She knows she has a problem, but she has to want to get help herself. We can’t force her. And I’m not going to say “If you don’t stop using, I want you out of my life” because it simply isn’t true. I’d rather talk to her every day. Than lose contact and get a call in 3 years about an unidentified body in the morgue that matches a missing persons description. I can’t deal with that.

    She needs Therapy, not just Rehab. Jenny has been to detox, she’s been to rehab and walked right back out the next day. There are underlying issues there. I know all of you knew Jenny as a happy girl, confident and silly, but Jenny has a lot of problems and things that she hasn’t dealt with from when she was little.

    Nothing you do is going to be a quick fix. But I honestly appreciate all the good wishes.

  17. Laura C. and Jenny’s family. I’m terribly sorry you all are going through this, as well as Jenny. You’re exactly right when saying there is underlying issues that need to be dealt with, that’s usually the whole reason anyone turns to drugs in the first place, I know from experience. It’s going to take a long time and lots of patience to work through it. A true test of strong wills.

    To anyone on here that wants to judge and ridicule someone and her friends/family for their constant attempts to reach out to Jenny, obviously hasn’t experienced the same kind of love that Jenny has waiting for her, but is too far in her own head to realize it’s there.

    I remember Jenny from when I joined IAM. She is just one of those genuine, kind souls that you absolutely can’t forget about. It’s sad to see where her life has turned. I hope it gets better soon.

  18. ” I think part of wanting help is knowing there is something waiting for her on the sober side of life….the side she left so bloody long ago she is scared to shit to even really think of what’s left of it…..

    Jenny asked me once to give her a reason to get sober…..I couldn’t…but the more I think about it…..I realize that there is a huge POTENTIAL to snap her out of her self loathing by making her realize that she was loved / liked / made an impact & is remembered in the BME community that meant so much to her……on her friends & even random people that have met her that still remember her.

    I realize addiction primarily controls you on the physiological level,that her body NEEDS the opiates now…..that it’s not just about feeling good, it’s about keeping her from PAIN. But she can seek treatment for that & detox. What’s keeping her from making that decision? in her head? that’s the BIG question……..& there is only one answer……that you need to find with one chance, with one type of intervention approach… for past interventions that have failed ( Laura ), you probably didn’t take the right approach, maybe she needed to see more people cared……

    I’m not saying our approach will be right, but it will be a different effort, with a different approach, with more people from a different angle of her life involved. Maybe that will give her a moment of clarity to take the first most difficult step to help herself. & if she says yes we will have detox ready for her that day ( no week wait or whatever ), & after that a rehabilitation center that provides the THERAPY she needs…..because we know she needs it, REHABILITATION is supposed to be geared to provide that.

    For anybody that has met / known /loved Jenny & wants to give her the chance to fight her addiction, & knows it is better to try then to not do nothing help us fund her intervention / detox / rehabilitation.
    Go to the link below >>>

    & thank you soooOOOOO much for your contributions, without you there would be no way to do this.

    & please go to the facebook group & post any pics you have of her, letters talking about memories or moments with her ~ we will give these to her during the intervention or Rehab.

  19. I wonder about Jenny all the time.. I’ve known her for.. God, since she was 15? 16? I miss her every day, and have a picture of me, her, Steve, and Clive in Toronto on my frig to this day.

    To Jenny, my monkey: I don’t know what’s going on, or what happened babygirl, but we’ve always been able to talk. If you ever need anything – to talk, a place to stay, anything.. find me on IAM, I still check it every day. I was just talking about us to my boyfriend the other day.. Have the picture of all of us in Toronto after ModProm on my frig.. Telling him how we went swimming in a freezing cold, ice chunked pool, in our underwear.. then walked our ass down Queen Street in soaked clothes to get really bad sushi.. Steve filling the bathtub up with ice using the notorious Bucket, filling it up with too many booze to list, and you making me that HORRIBLE Midori-V8 Splash-Rum-whateveryouwannacallit drink. I miss you, and have never judged you.. I don’t want to judge you, I just wanna talk to my friend about monkeys and boobs. I wish you the best, and will always be here. I love you, monkey<3

  20. hey kristin i was curious if you would be okay if i were to print this off and add it to our collection of letters to jenny

    feel free to email me at any time

  21. I’m Jenny’s father and have just found out about this situation. There are some things her friends should be aware of in their quest in assissting my daughter. Please contact me through this site and this is especially for you Laura as Jenny has been in touch with you.

  22. As of June 09, she has returned to Toronto from Brantford where she was living with some guy.
    She claims to be living in the Jane – St. Clair area.
    She has been seen hanging around the Lansdowne & Bloor, Lansdowne – Queen area…
    Although she has not been seen in 2 weeks, which means she may have been arrested since they have just finished a major drug operation with 75 arrests….
    She does have to want to get sober before anyone can help her…
    Good luck..

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