And All You Can Do Is Laugh

I admit that my knowledge of Polish avant-garde hip-hop is woefully underdeveloped, but nonetheless, I can certainly appreciate this portrait of one of the ostensible pioneers of the genre, Bartosz Waglewski/Fisz, nicely rendered by Tofi at Art-Line in Rybnik, Poland. After the jump, his older brother, Emade, a hip-hop producer as well.

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13 thoughts on “And All You Can Do Is Laugh

  1. wow thats impressive. dont like the actual people, but the quality makes up for it =D.

  2. these are wonderful. portraits are so difficult to pull off well, and they certainly managed it (and more) here.

  3. Now that second one is cooler than a polar bears toenails Oh hell, there he go again talkin that shit. Bend, corners like I was a curve, I struck a nerve. And now you bout to see this southern playa serve….

  4. great portrait work! wow
    i also love the dark and brooding but they are not too dark either.
    i am especially impressed by the zipper on the jacket. i wonder if the artist needed to use white for this affect and if that would need retouching over time to maintain

  5. OMG. It looks like Fisz, really ! awesome tatoo.

    Fisz and Emade are polish masters of music !

  6. misiu
    kochamy podobną muzykę i mamy tak samo wyjebane w kosmos tatuaże od zajebistego tatuatora:)

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