Good Morning, ModBlog!

Hey folks! Whether you’re celebrating today as an arbitrary excuse to get hammered at noon or simply stepping over and sneering at the pathetic drunks laid out in the streets by sundown, I think we can all agree that Caleigh (who just likes green and is not dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day, alright?) is downright adorable. Also, Canadian.

(Zero-gauge septum by Azl at Tatooatouage in Montreal, Quebec.)

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32 thoughts on “Good Morning, ModBlog!

  1. to Con_troll:
    Not exactly the kind of thing people should be saying considering the recent events over here.

  2. number 10 – agreed.
    boo number 5!

    anyways, i cant believe you americans get to celebrate st paddy’s, whilst me, in ireland, has to go to school!
    At least my uniforms green.
    Top o’ the morning to ye!

  3. he he
    i know this girl :)
    i really need to make a bme account i’m pretty modded.

  4. #16, they said the irish for “Our day will come” which is the motto of the IRA, and “up the RA” as in IRA
    and seeing as the IRA have been going round shooting soldiers and police men recently, it’s a kind of inappropriate thing to say.
    (The IRA are terrorists btw)

    I forgot to wear my shamrock hairclip!

  5. It’s a really old, rather famous rebel song, which Poppy explained well above. Rebel songs suck but it’s nice to see it spelled right.

  6. #16
    It’s exactly what Poppy said.

    We’ve had peace in the north of Ireland for years now but just recently the shootings have been the first major violence. It’s worrying, though hopefully will just be a one off thing but to quote the IRA motto is very bad taste as everyone , in the north and the south, are horrified by the attacks.

    To Poppy – Beannachtaí ná Féili Padraig! (As horrible and commercial and full of drunkenism as it is) from one Irish person in Ireland to another.

  7. I’m sorry. Couldn’t help getting into the spirit. Shouldn’t write political comments, I guess. I do not support the recent shootings, while i do belive in a free Irland.

  8. i got respect for anyone who can heal anti-eyebrows that good
    the green hair is so great too

  9. Con_troll, you seem to love Ireland yet cannot spell the name? Interesting… But I love her vertical medusa :)

  10. ah i love the vertical medusa!!! i have a vert labret, but that is just hotttt – and the anti-eyebrows??!?!? holy moly thats a face full-o-awesome

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