In the Forests of the Night

Hey, it’s actually been a little while since we’ve posted anything from the mad geniuses at Swastika Freakshop! The last we had Nadine on ModBlog, it was to show off her gorgeous done-by-Freakshop wings. This time around? Her stunning symmetrical sleeves, naturally done by Marc at the aforementioned Swastika Freakshop. This lady is sporting some of the nicest goddamn tattoos around.

29 thoughts on “In the Forests of the Night

  1. the forearms and upper arms look great, but what happend to the middle.
    that looks like crap.

    PS: fuck swastika freakshop

  2. Wow! Excellent!!! Just as everything I’ve seen from this place
    Damn! I wish I was in Germany ¬¬

  3. the middle bit does indeed look like shit,the rest of the work is o.k but thats about it…..i dont see the attraction to swastika freakshop at all,if u want dotwork see french thomas or xed

  4. I like the entire tattoo I really don’t see anything wrong with if someone could enlighten me of the flaws in a more indepth way rather than the middle simply looks like “shit” that would be great.

  5. i agree the middle bits arent the best but still amazing work. want to go back to germany so bad

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  7. There are some bits that are slightly wonky in that middle part, but you can still make out the pattern.

  8. fuck swastika-freakshop. and fuck all peoples who seeing more than a nazi sign..
    fuck you.. get older and get a good nazi like heretic138….
    but never show your face and your real name..

  9. what the fuck are you on about?i doubt anybody was trying to make a nazi reference in the first place,more that the tattoo doesnt look too good,the dotwork looks scrappy the pattern looks uneven and in general looks poorly executed(maybe its meant to look like that)and before you start i have swastikas tattooed on me also.

  10. oh you crazy people,
    isnt it any persons own thing how they get tattooed? theres no problem for me if somebody didnt like the stuff i had tattoed but is there no better way to say it than fuck swastika-freakshop and things like that?
    nowbody of them knows us individually , so why they can told such fucking shitty things about us?
    i really love the tattoo it give me a true harmonic look, and its more for me than that – but some of you will never undestand what!
    iam cheerless for all the peoples hate against us!

  11. There’s no fucking way a tattoo that gorgeous and peaceful looking could represent nazis.

    I think its a beautiful tattoo and the artist is incredibly skilled. I am so envious. If I’m ever anywhere near Germany, I’m going to beg for an appointment.

  12. in no way do i have reason to believe that this is a nazi tattoo, or that the wearer is a nazi. but who the fuck knows?

    Germany and Europe have a serious problem with the return of neo-nazis.
    meanwhile swastika freakshop creates a resurgence in the swastika
    this gives neo-nazis and other fascists something to hide behind

    therefore, fuck swastika freakshop
    this is only my opinion, take it for what it is.

    SF minions, i tried to have a civil discussion with you folks but all i got was defensive hate back, that leads me to believe that you are nazis in disguise. if not you would be doing something to fight against the new tide in your country instead of glorifying the symbol of genocidal scum. nazis and thier ilk have long learned how to be tricky bastards.

    lastly, why do anarchists & protesters wear masks at gatherings?

  13. because the pigs gather evidence on people there and why not when the pigs faces are concealed.sf definitely have an attitude problem

  14. thats what i love, some idiozs talking about germany without ever having seen the country. i am german, i love swastika freakshop. dont ever dare to call me a fucking nazi, you asshole.

  15. again very beautifull work!

    there are def. NO “nazis in disguise”
    around swastika freakshop.

    otherwise he would’ve never get my skin to work on.

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