It Might Go Off

Sure, I like Lucas‘s beard, and you like it, but his goddaughter there? She seems like she’s had just about enough of it. I know the look of a person who’s ready to snap the shit out of something, and … well, I don’t think I have to tell you what she’s planning.

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22 thoughts on “It Might Go Off

  1. That is an incredible beard. And that baby girl is so cute!! I love photos of moded people with babies…it feels juxtaposed somehow. At least as far as most people are concerned.

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!
    baby assassins!

    seriously, she is the cuteness…and I adore mod folk w/ babies too. it makes me feel like the mainstream acceptance (or lack thereof) becomes more generous somehow.

  3. i would feel the same way if i found out i had a dirty hippie for a dad!

    not all of us have the ability to poop out of our chins!

    im just jealous

  4. I’m not a fan of beards I’m more into guys with scruff kind of girl but strangely enough it looks good on him and the baby is just plan precious!

  5. ((You, sir, have finally gotten me to comment))
    I am not usually a beard gal, but I am in love with your beard!

    How did you manage to grow it that long, and how long did it take?

  6. My beard is growing without cuts about a 5 or 6 years…
    And..Believe or not, i made 20 last wednesday.
    I’m not hairy…strangely just my beard grow up quickly…
    Thanks for the coments!


  7. Awh that is such a cute baby and she does look like she’s had enough of his awesome beard! ^_^

  8. you know the first place that beard is going is into that baby’s mouth. she’ll rue the day she tried to take on the beard of the godfather!

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