Big Balls

Danish superstar Amina Charai of Bright Side Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark, checks in with this righteous Angus Young tattoo. I’m not much for AC/DC myself—why do so few people get Foghat tattoos, anyway—but hey: a solid portrait is a solid portrait, and, as someone about to rock, I appreciate the salute.

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15 thoughts on “Big Balls

  1. Not too much into AC/DC either, but I’d definitely get one like this
    One of the most rocker tattoos I’ve ever seen

  2. BEST

    but whats with all the crappy roses?

    PS: Foghat rules!

  3. I think this is very well-done, but I’m just not into the words scattered throughout. When I read it in my head, it comes out all choppy and awkward.

    Then again, I’m really not huge on AC/DC, either, so maybe I’m just biased.

    Love the guy’s face, though.

  4. Siiiiiiick!!!! thats effin rad!!! lol
    Only thing is the banners…. way to spaced i think…. but easy to look past because its that cool lol

  5. aaaah! AC/DC!!!

    one complaint though… not a big fan of the placement of the words. not very reader-friendly to have them all spaced out like that.

  6. ah! This is great!

    I’ve never quite been one for words that zig-zag. but that’s the only down side to this piece. It’s incredibly well done.

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