Good Morning, ModBlog!

Oh hey, it’s Primitive, hanging out in Germany, taking a jaunty stroll! He’s a happy gent, that one, but why the big grin? Probably something to do with the fact that he’s covered in good stuff from the magicians at Swastika Freakshop in Radolfzell, Germany. After the jump, check out a close-up of his neck piece, as tattooed by Marc, with whom I think you’re familiar by now.

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38 thoughts on “Good Morning, ModBlog!

  1. wow, marc id really slipping
    that piece looks all uneven and blotchy, not nearly the quality ive seen in the past
    this will not please your fuhrer

    fuck swastikafreakshop

  2. I’ve liked everything I’ve ever seen come out of SF, I hope to get tattooed there one day! Does anyone know if the shop ever runs into trouble with the cops in Germany? I believe displaying the swastika – in any form – is illegal in Germany and Austria (for understandable reasons, even if the ban isn’t justified). They tried to introduce EU-wide legislation about it and it was rejected, in part, because of Hindu objections, but I’m fairly sure it’s still the law in Germany. I wonder if the police are sympathetic to their attempts to rehabilitate the swastika?

  3. The city he runs his shop try to put an end to it. But he can justify the use of the symbol in none fuckin nazi way so they couldn’t stop him as an artist. So there are no problems with the cops. Some of the people who live there still look with evil eyes on it. But do you think marc cares about such shit?

  4. his lack of concern, caring, compassion, etc about how local and other people feel about the shop’s swastika fetish is just another example of what a scumbag he must be. it indicates to me that he is a nazi in disguise.

    BTW, it isnt shit, its a genuine concern over the rise of neo-nazism in Germany and Europe in general.

  5. @heretic138
    i always see your stupid comments on modblog

    get a live man !!!

    and then maybe you can show yourself and not always be anonymous and tell shit about people you dont know

  6. this guy is SO cute. i just wanna get naked and cuddle with him.

    besides, does anyone else think its pretty cool that he got the front page of the BME main site as well as a modblog entry on the same day? awesome! high five brother.

  7. don’t like this one that much but still considering to get tattooed by marc this year :)

    i like the “Heretic138 is furious”-tag.

    @Heretic138 don’t forget absolutely everybody in germany is a nazi.
    heil kräuter!

  8. Heretic, you are my hero. Let’s blow things way out of proportion the next time you’re in Toronto, shall we?

    Maybe we’ll smash some Buddhist temples, and teach them what tolerance and compassion are really about!

  9. i think heretic is my favorit stacker…
    and of course we are all nazis. and the police makes nothing ebcaus ein egrmany everybody is a nazi..

    btw. the neck was done in two sesions and its not finished – and alex was suffr so much that every mm was a hard fight to me. and of course i want redone it complety. be

  10. cheers to Alex for sticking with it

    its kind of sad that there hasnt been more decent discourse about this swastika thing, just insinuations that i hate Buddhists and think all Germans are nazis. even better is when folks think ive never heard of reclaiming the swastika. how many of you think i am anti-hindu, or whatever?
    im just against neo-nazis and the rise of the swastika as it may benifit scumbags.
    come to think of it using the swastika as fasion, moneymaking, false-spirituality, nu-religion,etc. is pretty fucked up too.
    im just standing up for what i believe is important to guard against, but im not very good at being eloquent.

    fuck nazis
    oh, and pedophiles too

  11. you stand up for what you believe. you havent the courage to say your real name and have a contact. your just an anonymous coward.
    we stand up and stand for what we belive. we fight aganst nazis and stupid antifa guys ( like you) who maybe more racist than the nazis himself…..

    at first think about what you say. the swastika have nothing to do with the hazis. and of course. your are a christ ( maybe also blue eyes and blond haires) . think aboput how many peoples died under the cross. and of course also on what for ways??? the catolic church is not better than hitler. but thats also and society thing. and your part of it.
    man open your mind and be not so stupid….

    you can hate me and my work. and writte whatevery you want. but never told me an nazi. fucking bastard..

  12. oh..

    marc riedmann
    fürstenbergstr 8
    78315 radolfzell

    07731 – 7888354

    im not an anonymos – im not scared for others…

  13. Awesome tattoos. And even more awesome CDC shit! FOR MY FRIENDS. FOR MY FAMILY. FOR THE ONES THAT GAVE ME FUCKING LIFE!

    and “stupid antifa guys who maybe more racist than the nazis” WHAT?! I live in the U.S. so I don’t have too much understanding of antifa. But please enlighten me on how antifa are stupid/racist.

  14. he cant enlighten you because he obviously has no idea about antifa,antifa are about fighting racism,fascism and the resurgence of neo nazism which is a growing problem in europe for definite so if youre against antifa id like to know why?antifa are not against the swastika theyre against fascists.some of sf work is ok in my opinion but there are a lot of people doin dotwork,heavy black etc a million times nicer in my opinion.

  15. an the only reason i bring up the quality of the work is that little-swastika seems to have an ego that outweighs the work that shop produces,it isnt shit but it isnt fall down and praise the skies amazing either…

  16. sounds like antifa are the good guys to me.
    if you guys fight them then you are on the wrong side, you would be on the side of the fascists.

    marc, i dont know for sure that you are a nazi. i dont know you.
    but what are you doing to fight that impression?
    i know you usually do great artwork, but your actions likes glorification of the swastika lead me to believe you may be in league with the rise of neo-nazis in Germany. your lack of compassion for those who might be offended by the swastika surely show that you are not a Buddhist or Hindu. so then what the fuck are you doing waving around swaztikas? to me thats the sign of a secret agenda. that and you state yourself that you are anti-antifa, so that leads me to think your work helps the fascists.
    you are right that the cross is also a disgusting symbol. i am suspicious of Christians too. in general i loathe religions, but spirituality is another thing. i wish the best to those that embrace the swastika as part of thier spirituality, but i am sure even those folks would not glorify it or try to make money off of it!

    i know i sound pretty stupid, i admit im not the best speaker or debater. im not a tough guy, or strong or special or any of that. im just going to keep doing what i think is right. call me a coward if it makes you feel better, but im just protecting myself and my family. i refuse to make them a target, which is what nazis often do when you call them out and expose them.
    i think the right thing is shining a light on SF and pissing off those who glorify the swastika. i can only hope that it motivates others to unite and resist nazis, fascists, etc.
    i felt i had to start saying something because no one else was. but if you need to be the bad guy to vocalize the unpopular opinion, if you need a heretic… im your man.

    apologies to those that get caught in the crossfire of our words.

    see you again on monday, until then fuck SF

  17. Cool Dudes Chillen ^^
    I saw CDC yeserday night…fuckin awesome.
    Nice Neckpiece…stick to it!
    @little-swastika: ich ruf mal bei euch durch..ich will unbedingt einen Termin =)

  18. original words form atiifa guys after a diskusion about the using form swastikas in huge parts of the world – give a shit of the hindus and buddhist , we’re living in germany. one of the ebst ever. but i listen a lot more. and just look on my campaign. not a fucking nazi sign. i didnt understand how peopels think thats is pro nazi.. your realy so stupid or what. nobody says you must wear it or whatevery. but at first get informated. and thats not so easy in germany and europ. because we have to much nazis in teh system and goverment and teh fight secret for it. so they dont informate over the true meaning of the swastikas ( that was also in the hitler regime like this) becaus ethey want that it stays forever as an nazi sign. killing the meaning behind teh swastika is nothing else than a book burning. killing all the cultures behind (and its not only buddhist and hinduist) – more than 14.000 years old signs were spreading out of cultures and tribes all over the world.. that have nothing to do with hitler. and when you get enlighted and see teh beauty behind it you can never understand why so much stupid peoples like you fight against a sign and not against teh problematik of nazis and against the peoples. you a coward. you to scared to write in a email or a real name. i think you never have the courage and the balls to stand up against a nazi. i do that every day…

    and of course im not a buddhist and not a hinduist. i belong to no religion of this world. to no organisation or group, to no political side and whatevery. i just try to live my own live. and in my life the swastika is importend. so i use it. i give a shit of nazi, antifa, society.. i dont care what the think about me. but please dont stop your thinkings about us.. and find all teh other peopels who using swastikas and fight them.
    its a lot to do.. so put the finger out of your ass and fight al this ‘nazis’….

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