Jostle a Brother

Well, this is just rude. Max over there on the right is trying to, what, hold up the wall? Something important like that. That’s a load-bearing stance if I’ve ever seen one. But no, Efix is just laying around, tugging away, trying to distract him from his vital duties. Troublemaker.

12 thoughts on “Jostle a Brother

  1. if the guy standing on the others back shortened up the rope and staggered his stance he could probably hold himself like that and remove the girl from the equasion ….though females should be in every equasion in my opinion

  2. That fight was so masculine hahaha they kept growling and screaming, i laughed so much i wonder how i did to take clear pictures! hahaha. So much fun in one night.


  3. That picture is crazy! Remember Max? Next time I’ll be there, we will have 30 foot long of rope, and we will run from each other until death.

  4. YEAH! SO MUCH FUN! Next time will take shorter cables and She’s gonnna stand on a angle of 45degres! With no help!

    And by the way Gabriel… I’ll kick you ass even if try as hard as you can! :P

  5. Funny you say it! I live about 30 minutes from Montreal; I live in Cornwall, Ontario! Not even joking.

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