Toasted, Mostly

Hey friends, it’s time for America’s longest-running political roundtable, “Thursday Night Food Tattoos”! On tonight’s installment, Cerah and her girlfriend got these macaroni and cheese tattoos that match up when they hold hands, which, really, is just about the goddamn cutest thing I’ve seen in a while.

(Tattoos by Rosanna Chilton.)

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21 thoughts on “Toasted, Mostly

  1. Hahahahahaha… awesome.

    Ya poutine would’ve been a lot more Canadian… buuuuuut I dunno if gravy would look that great… or cheese curds for that matter.

  2. Neat thing is, if anything ever happens between you two, it’ll still be a pretty cute stand-alone tattoo.

  3. If my best friend wasn’t such a wimp I’d probably get a coupled tattoo with him. I already have one tattoo that kinda represents him (a big rooster on my foot) but the idea of tattoos like this shared between people is so cute and adorable…I can’t wait until I find someone willing to participate with me. This is precious.

  4. Actually nadz… it’s not… it’s from that glorious broke ass young adult delicacy… Kraft Dinner.

    Plus I think Juno ripped off Beastie Boys on that one…

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