VIMBY Video: Mark Mahoney

Mark Mahoney is no stranger in the tattoo community. With 30-plus years of experience under his belt, he is truly old school and a living legend. Check him out in this video as he talks about his history and about his shop, Shamrock Tattoo.

Shamrock Tattoo
9026 W. Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 271-9664

7 thoughts on “VIMBY Video: Mark Mahoney

  1. Heyyy!!! There at the begining of this video, a guy (really inked) he acting in many movies and TV-series. Last time I saw him in Death Race!!! He’s cool!!! I like to see him on TV.))) Who knows his name?

  2. Ah, if only more shops had this kind of style & class. So many shops opening by kids so young, inexperienced & untrained, they’re not ready to run a Slurpee© machine at a 7-11,… Thanks for this!

  3. Thanks for sharing the video! Too funny…a few friends of mine and me always go to Shamrock’s and we were there the night they filmed that – well, we got there when they were done.

  4. hey goldust :) he is an actor in death race and other movies…..but bobby or robert is actually a tattoo artist as well….great video i love mark as a dear freind what great shop only people that have been there know what shamrock is like its an un-explanable experience so much fun and most of all great art!! best tattoo shop by far.

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