Master Bait

None of my trademark music this time, the clapping and laughing says it all..

Just a good old fashioned video of Damien suspending (vaguely reminiscent of this, no?) with The Hanged Man Team during a “Live Bait” in Melbourne, Australia.

DivX download (111 MB) link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

Many thanks to Pete (The Piercing Urge) for sending the videos my way..

18 thoughts on “Master Bait

  1. even after suspending i’m always amazed to see people throw their bodies around while up.

    awesome video.

  2. Was amazing to see in person. Great job by Damien (as always). Was full on when he went back up with only ONE hook also..
    Roo – Post one of his one hook elbow vids also..?

  3. i’ve seen elbows rip badly even on low pressure, so in my opinion, hanging upsidedown was a pretty dumb idea. but on the other side, most people think i am dumb ‘cos i suspend ;)

  4. This is the best suspension performance I have ever seen. This performance brings suspension shows to a higher level. :-)

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