Meet Them as a Bear

Here’s a nice change of pace from traditional “permanent makeup,” with this leopard-print eye shadow by Jessica at Forbidden Body Art in Portland, Oregon. A close up of the ol’ swollen peeper, after the jump.

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72 thoughts on “Meet Them as a Bear

  1. Why would one assume this is a female? This is most certainly a male.

    Lovely, stars too :)

  2. It’s not so much the idea but the execution that bothers me, I just think it looks badly done. Mostly the stars on the side.It just looks like some Halloween make up that wasn’t done properly.

  3. The sideburns and what looks like a lil’ bit of stubble under the nose suggest a man to me. The makeup isn’t my thing, but if that’s what you want to do why not?

  4. If you’re a guy who happens to like leopard print or something, it automatically means you’re gay. So stupid. I like this, it’s different.

  5. I like the concept of it. if makes you wonder if maybe in the future we’ll see more permanent makeup tattoos, but to a more subdued degree than this.

  6. I don’t like it personally… and as a tattooed person it’s quite hypocritical of me to ask this (as I get asked it allll the time) but why would you want that there forever???

  7. I’m curious to see how well it’s going to look when it is healed. There are usually reasons why permanent makeup artists DON’T do full eyelids. Maybe this will be a harsh lesson for the person doing the tattoo and not just the recipient. I won’t get my hopes up too high for this to look better that a skin disease when it is healed.

  8. No bueno. Maybe if it was a different color. I agree with basically everyone on here. Looks like a black eye. Not a good choice.

  9. I like it, but what happens when you wanna wear another style of makeup?

    Nope you got leopard print.

  10. The beauty of makeup is that once this is healed, he can cover it with derma blend or some other such makeup, and then do whatever he wants over it.

  11. Any permanent makeup can be covered very easily, Like I said, I would love to see healed pictures of this.

  12. That looks pretty — man or woman — and I admire their commitment. I hope they wear spf eye cream every day to prevent fading and will *always* like it…

  13. Like many others on here i would love to see a photo of said person normally, like a sweet candid shot or something, i am very undecided about this (in a personal opinion), but that’s only cause i cannot see the full effect in a normal everyday setting, could look killer for all i know, but yeah as a make up artist, the idea and style(pattern) is pretty neat and would be cool to recreate in makeup. but yeah mad props i wouldn’t want needles that close to my eye….(the tattooed eyeballs made my eyeballs squeal in pain)

  14. I’m shocked by all of the comments related to and questioning this person’s gender. Why does it matter? Isn’t this supposed to be a safe space for people to be who they want to be and not be judged?

    props to commenters 8 and 30 for their comments.

    Yes it looks like a black eye right now and maybe that’s the look the person was going for, and if not we all know that colours tend to fade down a bit after healing.
    I happen to really like this tattoo and can’t wait to see an ‘eyes open’ picture of this person.

  15. i’ve never had anything negative to say before this, but that’s just a bad idea. sure it’s fun at the moment but he’s gonna have 1 crap permanent black eye when he’s older.

  16. maybe he’s into bdsm, but he’s afraid to try that shit for real, so he got himself a nice black eye tattoo.

  17. You all sound like my grandparents: “Why would you ever want that on you forever?!”, “What are you going to think when you get older?!” Blah blah blah etc. etc. . When did the Modblog community turn into crotchety old fogeys complaining about longevity and gender subversion? Let the GUY be.

    Great mod, I’m just a symmetry freak (probably the OCD) and would need the left eye to match the right.

  18. looks retarded.

    i see it more and more. people who like the idea of tattoos but have no idea how to go about collecting them as art. they want something original, so they do whacky shit. it looks silly, everyone knows it, and some are even nice enough to pretend otherwise.

  19. I’m with Maestro 150% – took the comment right from my fingertips…

    p.s. when did modblog become such a hatefest???

  20. hmmm retarded can get posted twice but my comment remains censored. Makes you think…

  21. This has nothing to do with the tattoo, I just wanted to say that carebearjizz (15)might be the best screen name I have ever seen!

  22. You know, that takes some moxie. I’m thinking he would have been better off with more contrasting values in his color scheme. I’m not usually a big fan of leopard print but when its makeup i can dig it. i guess because it looks alot more organic as markings on skin than as clothing etc…

  23. wow. that looks terrible. i dont mean its stupid, he can do whatever he wants. but the execution looks horrible

  24. Oh, I saw this a few days ago, I thought it was pretty cool. I imagine there’s some kind of bruising too, and all that swelled flesh is not making it look too great right now. I’d be interested in seeing the open-eyes version of this when it’s healed!

    Yeah, what’s up with the really negative comments? This is /modblog/… and I’m pretty sure the IAM rules apply here for commenting on other people’s modifications.

    With how people scrutinize the photos, I would be terrified of having any of my mods posted up here. From what I’ve seen, a lot of people complain about a lack of diversity – that can’t exist unless this is a free environment. Disappointing.

  25. Honestly it looks pretty bad. From far away it’s definitely going to look like they were beat up and have a black eye. I don’t give a crap that it’s a dude getting it. I don’t even give a crap that people get “permanent makeup”, but this just wasn’t executed well.

  26. Love the idea. I think it’ll look sweet once it heals. Though I wouldn’t put my face on BME if someone offered me money. What happened to being happy for people and their choices? I can understand if people wouldn’t get this particular tattoo, but come on, it’s not you face. If he’s happy I’m happy.

  27. Whoa! It’s like the eyebrow-removal shitstorm again. It’s not something I would get myself, but if he’s happy with it then kudos to him. I do think it should have covered the whole are under the eyebrow though. Nice eyeliner as well!

  28. owwwwww – eyelid tattoo = paaaain!
    takes some nuts, whatever you want to say about it!

  29. kinda looks like sideways peacock feather eyes…the tip of the peacock know what i mean.

  30. If the wearer of the tattoo is happy with the end result that’s all that really matters. I have many transitioning permanent makeup clients and I’m proud of them for coming in and taking that next step. My main concern is taking into consideration the area it’s probably not going to stay this vibrant for very long.

  31. just seems impractical and i personally don’t like how it looks.
    but i hope the wearer is happy with their tattoo.

  32. I’d like to see it after the swelling goes down and stuff. I kind of like the idea of shaded creases on the eyelids and contours done with ink. Not sure about that particular leopard print, tho. I guess I’d need to see it once everything settles down.

  33. I love how some people claim ‘This is stupid/dumb/retarded’ like they are the authority on what is nice or not.
    I’m pretty sure he thought long and hard before getting this tattoo and he really really wanted it.
    We all have PERSONAL preferences and we are free to state them but in an intelligent manner.

    That being said, I think he is a brave man for getting this tattoo.

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  35. he looks hot, and all you guys are jealous.
    it would have been hotter if it was green, but still, it’s hot.

    damn i want one now.

  36. I think it’s pretty cool…Divine would be proud.

    I’m surprised how elitist and hypocritically closed minded the bodymod community can be sometimes.

  37. I love his tattooed eyeshadow so much that I’m thinking about having eyeshadow tattooed on now .

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