Ohhh, Bug Plugs

That saucy little minx Uranium Hobo just sent in these shots of him sporting some home-made bug plugs. It was his first time casting in resin and, while he says they’re not perfect, everything is “glass smooth” except for a few nicks around the edges that he says don’t affect anything. These ones were rather heavy and stretched out the piercings somewhat, so next up will be a thinner pair, more suitable for long-term wear, filled with mantises.

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42 thoughts on “Ohhh, Bug Plugs

  1. mantises! my favourite! Paraleprodera crueifera on the right i believe, and some sort of weevil on the left., cant say i recognize the others

  2. These are sweet!
    You know, I kinda like the cracks in the left one. They add a feel of authenticity.

  3. bug plugs were a big part of the reason i started stretching my ears. I love them! Cant wait to get my first pair.

  4. those are sick! I love casting in resin, I’m going to do some with my wisdom teeth in them.
    to the guy in the photo: when you make your thinner pair, sometimes it helps to tap the resin mold on the table for a few minutes to loosen the air bubbles so they can break away and give you a cleaner lookin’ buggy!

  5. These look really great, I’m sure that with practice the future ones will turn out better. And the fact that they’ll be filled with mantises makes it even more badass, those are my favorite.

  6. I love this boy! These are quite nice! Can’t wait to see the mantis ones. =D

  7. I’m assuming he used resin casting.

    So you just buy clear resin mix, and mix the two formulas and use a round mold.

    Is resin okay to wear in lobes long term? I always thought about that, but I don’t know if it would be toxic?

    If he got 3inch steel tunnels, he could just pour the resin into those and not have to make them flared?

  8. i dont like wearing steel but it is a good idea for those who do, i dont wear them long term but i wear them a few days at a time without problems at all, yea deffinitly gotta work out the kinks and making some labret pieces that have turned out pretty good as well, also these are pretty close to 3 1/4” and a little more with the weight lol

  9. I don’t know if this will work for the type of resin you’re using, but one of my friend’s lab-mates found out that ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are great for getting the bubbles out of PDMS castings.

  10. Wow, nice palmetto weevil (Rhynchophorus cruentatus) on the left! Down here in FL, my friend caught one for his Entomology Lab collection but I couldn’t find any.

    @ Aiwass: Not sure about the green one on the right, either, unless it’s some kind of June beetle (Cotinis sp.)?

  11. Wow not a fan of huge ears and plugs and all that jazz but these are stunning. Please keep refining your technique so these are avaliable one day. Ps. If you can make smaller size ones – amazing!

  12. I am not familiar with how resin works in terms of temperature, but if it isn’t prepared at a hot temperature, could using the Kaos skin eyelets help give it the double flare I would like and then just cut off the eyelet once the resin sets? If it does have to be prepared at hot temperature, then that idea is out of the window.

  13. Awesomesauce!
    Plugs like those…make me wanna scalpel my lobes even more!

  14. I love bug plugs. :D I wish I had the desire to stretch my ears large enough to wear them… especially for a praying mantis. That would be so interesting.

  15. I’m not sure I understand the whole bug plug thing. I mean, I’ve seen them before, and I guess they look “bad ass” or something, but for me, it’s like wearing fur. You’re taking a life for a fashion statement. I don’t wish to get into an argument about weather insects are self aware or anything silly like that. In my books, anything where something had to die to make a decoration isn’t cool.

  16. when i get my bugs for a collection there already dead, bought off collecters who breed them and when they die i get them made into display cases, some might be made that way but mine arent, your intentions are good but sometimes it gets annoying when people get preachy

  17. No answer to my question (#24)? I would love to know if my idea is possible.

  18. I like them, you could try rat pups next time and really freak people out.

  19. #24– if you want df plugs, find a pair that you like, and use those for the mold. (put the resin on the outside of plug to make the shape, then push the plug out.) from what i know about resin, it does not need to be made hot, room temp is fine. some brands may be different though.

  20. :(

    I used to keep mantises as pets.

    I guess if they’re already dead, 31, then it’s okay. Though I’m still a little sad now.

  21. I really really adore this pluggs. They look awsome! Were can i get them or some in the same style?

    Keep on bodymoding its wonderful and hott! :)

  22. I can’t believe I didn’t see this post earlier, I need to check my RSS more!! These are stunning, really well done. I’d kill for a pair like that!

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