Rescue Ourselves From Ourselves

Well, folks, it’s time to bring to a close the world-famous “Impromptu Zoo” day on BME’s ModBlog. Rounding out the efforts today is this great leg-piece on Harm, featuring man’s best friend (a dog) engaged in an epic battle with, by far, the greatest threat currently facing the human race (a dragon). You know who wins when someone gets a fantastic tattoo of a dog fighting a dragon? We all do. We all do.

Fare thee well, ModBloggers. Until tomorrow.

(Tattoo by Sascha Sevic at Dragon Tattoo in Eidhoven, The Netherlands.)

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11 thoughts on “Rescue Ourselves From Ourselves

  1. It looks to be still in-progress, but I love everything about this so far: the flow, the linework, the shading, the incredibly solid blackwork.

  2. Yep, it’s still in progress, will have more work done it on the Needle Art Convention in Breda, the Netherlands on May 17th. It will eventually connect to my backpiece, but that won’t happen ’till August. Thanks for the compliments, I’ll pass ‘em on to my artist.

  3. #6 took the words out of my mouth. amazing use of space. and im not normally a huge fan of blackwork but this is not boring in the least!!

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  5. How anyone can say this is boring is beyond me, that’s by far the best looking Norse knotwork tattoo I’ve ever seen

  6. I’ve been catching up with what I’ve missed on ModBlog these past weeks and coincidentally I was looking at Norse knotwork today. Lovely piece, so much better than all the badly done knotwork I saw in the BME galleries.

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