Eyelid Tattoo — UPDATE!

So hey! This week’s super-sexy controversy centered on this “permanent eye shadow” tattoo, which got lots of people in a huff, for various reasons. Well, here’s an update, which I gives a bit better of an idea about the end result of the work. At the very least, this should probably dissuade the “that looks like a bruise” contingent. Another smiley shot, after the jump.

(Tattoo on Toba by Jessica at Forbidden Body Art in Portland, Oregon.)

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86 thoughts on “Eyelid Tattoo — UPDATE!

  1. I’m assuming they were touched up, because the colors look completely different in this one. I do think they look a lot better in this post than the previous.

  2. I like this actually, a lot… i would love to see a shot (as i mentioned before) of both eyes open…. i like that he added the white to it. and he looks pretty happy with the results and that’s awesome.

  3. mmh idk why you would want a tattoo like that. i mean it’s executed well and everything but i think it just looks odd. not in a good way.

  4. why not just put on make-up as and when you need it like everyone else does?

  5. Haha I love the closed minded remarks about this. It’s his face, let him do what he wants with it.

    I personally think it looks awesome. And his smile just makes it all the better. Very cute.

  6. There’s no way I’d be able to apply that every day, or even the same way twice just on weekends as makeup. Kudos.

  7. #7-
    Why not out put on make up on like everyone else?
    Why get huge chest pieces when you can draw them on?
    Why stretch your ears or pierce you lip or bead your genitals?
    Because you want to and can. The permanence means more that just throwing on eyeliner.

    I like this a lot. I’m not so much a fan of the stuff on the side of his face though.

  8. ugh. so stupid. i don’t understand why this guy is getting so much space on this site.

  9. Ugh 15s comment is so stupid. -__-
    Anyway I agree with everyone else; this looks 100% better. I actually like it. :) the colors look much different so i assume the tats just weren’t finished. Where’s a picture with both eyes open mann !

  10. i was surprised to see this was from Oregon. rock on buddy, it looks awesome!

    if its not your thing, dont get it!

  11. This looks so much better than the pictures in the previous post. I’m impressed, and happy it turned out well!

  12. this looks waaaaay better even though it’s still not my bag. that must have been scary having your eyelid tattooed… he has more guts than i do that’s for sure

  13. I’m not a huge fan of the stars on the sides but overall, it’s kind of adorable.

  14. Whoah! My brother with a lazy eye should take a look into this one. He’s always looking for ways to make his lazy peeper become more of an accessory instead of a liability. Whatever that means!? Seriously, this is one crazy tattoo!

  15. its different and hope hes pleased with it, but god i wouldnt want that on my face every day of my life

  16. Eep.:/ I don’t think I would want the same makeup every day for the rest of my life! (I hardly wear makeup, period, but when I do..)

    I think it’ll probably get old…but maybe not.:)

  17. That definitely doesn’t look so bruisy anymore, which is good. I still don’t like it though, just not my thing.

  18. Melanie…2 posts. Considering the vastness of the internet…not a lot of space, is it?

    I think this looks really cool. Clearly he likes the idea of permanent makeup, so good for him. The colours really pop!

  19. I thought it looked horrible before, but you sold me on it now. If he’s happy, I’m happy!

  20. Purty. I dont think i could wear the same color eyeshadow for the rest of my life though.

  21. I’m not sure what to think about the concept itself, but at least the quality of the work is good.

  22. Haha people worried about the same color eye shadow and make up and all this broohaha…

    Has no one heard of concealer? Even tattoos are coverable with derma-blend. And as for the “I don’t want the same color every day” …conceal, then put a new color on. Not hard. Take a look at Bronte’s pictures, she covered her facial tattoos with makeup and looked just fine.

    Now stop bitching about it. XD Please.

  23. To quote a famous transexual – it takes more balls to wear a dress for one night then it does to wear a suit for a lifetime.

    This guy got balls. Hats of to you mate.

  24. Did a bunch of trolls hop on this post or has ModBlog changed? Whatever happened to supporting each other–or at the very least, if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all?

    This may not be something I’d ever do to myself (neither is genital mutilation/modification), but I highly respect the decision to take control and rock your own body. I think the colors are gorgeous, the idea is unique, and the wearer has an awesome smile. Thanks for sharing your pics with us and keep being you!

  25. Izzy- if we followed the old “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all” rule, the world wouldn’t evolve! I don’t understand why anyone should have to censor their thoughts just so the mod community won’t deem them as judgemental.

    So I say: speak up! Crude, friendly, or indifferent.

  26. I hope all heals well for him, he looks so proud to be the wearer of this tattoo. On another note, you people have got to be some of the most ignorant people I’ve ever encountered in a “community”. I’ve never heard so many rude comments thrown at someone for doing something that they are obviously very proud of. Way to go BME!!

  27. I agree, he certainly has balls to do this. I would NEVER tattoo my eyelids simply because I’d be so so terrified. It’s such a delicate spot.

    I think these look fantastic. The make up junkie in me thinks he could mix this up nicely with a sheer pale pink eyeshadow (to make it slightly purple) or white for more shimmer. Ohhhh the possibilities…

  28. this. is. awesome!
    props to him for going through that pain!
    i wonder what his job is haha

  29. pretty cool…I wonder what that felt like, I mean, I assume that’s a rather sensitive patch of skin to tattoo. I know that for me, each new part of my body that I’ve tattooed has been its own unique experience.

  30. cutie pie.

    p.s. Jesus CHRIST you people are judgmental! I’m appalled. The entire WORLD spends every ounce of their effort trying to oppress and judge the modified community, and here you are doing it to yourselves? You’re ignorant, just like them. Only difference is you’re hypocrites.

  31. awwww…he is cute. a big chubby boy with eyeshadow… A bit like Divine in female trouble I would say… LOVE IT.. xx

  32. I like it, but I hope for this guys sake that he’s a professional drag queen or something. Well, actually this is in Portland, he probably works for a bank or Morgan Stanley. LOL. Gotta love P-town

  33. If all these comments were judgement free, it would be unrealistic for what he will experience day to day. Everyone has their opinions, nice or not.

  34. AW I like it better.

    I try to say something positive, I don’t really care for it as a piece I would have but it looks lovely now that it is lighter looking. Before it was rather dark. He looks rather friendly and seems to be enjoying the work so yay for him :D

    Now I’m starting to think about permanent eye liner and if this guy can do a whole lid I’m sure I can deal with a thin line.

  35. hahahahahahahaha look how shitty this forum is!!! it’s like walking into a starbucks: “COOL TRIBAL.” “OMG A FACIAL TATTOO???!” fuck you normal people

  36. Wow there are some snarky ass comments here,It looks pretty cool,not something I would do but still cool.
    Considering how much modified people get stared at and have rude comments made about them,its funny that they turn around and say the same to another modified person.I could understand if it was a poor quality/shitty tattoo but this? haha

  37. I love how everyone jumps in arms over this, but are cool with people splitting their dicks.

    If you want permanent makeup, do it. If you want a split dick, do it.

  38. Hey guys.
    I just thought I’d comment on the “is it okay to say mean things about somebody’s photo on modblog” debate that is interjecting itself into this thread.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this is not intended to be a place of unkindness. It is supposed to be a space of support and community. While this is not the way that life is outside of this space (people are cruel, judgemental, etc), that does not mean that everywhere ought to be a mirror of this injustice. If you were at dinner with your grandmother and she was wearing a dress that you thought was hideous, would you say so? Or would you keep that thought to yourself, recognizing that everybody has the right to put whatever they like on their body? In the case of tattoos and other permanent modifications, unsupportive comments should be kept to yourself even more, because it is too late to change anything. Remember that the people in these pictures are probably reading your comments. I somehow doubt that if you were face to face with them you would say things like “looks retarded”, “fucking ugly dude”. Of course, why would you? It’s not like their mods directly affect you in some way.

    So yeah, you have the right to think and say pretty well anything. But sometimes, in some spaces, saying certain things are just putting more negativity into the world and undermining the whole idea of safe and respectful community.

  39. I like leopard print eyeshadow. I do it regularly.

    But dear god the very idea of getting an eyelid tattoo makes me cringe and feel more than slightly nauseous.

  40. “still don’t see why a dude has this.”

    umm..isn’t that what everyone said about women getting tattoo’s way back when? geez, never thought I’d see so many close minded comment son MODBLOG of all places….

  41. Katy,

    Everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to express it.

    Feel free to make judgments on their judgments.

    People are so funny.

    To the matter at hand: i love these tattoos; such an original design, they really compliment his eyes, he must be pleased with the result.

    #35: ROFL

  42. I like this, I think it is completely able to be covered with foundation such as dermablend or even added to with other eyeshadow etc. It’s not as if he’s confined to one make up style the rest of the guys life. Eitherway he obviously chose a design he wouldn’t get sick of in a hurry!

    I think it’s cute, he’s obviously happy with it, so who really fucking cares?
    You’re allowed to have your opinion, you’re allowed to say what you believe and stick to it. At the end of day its up to you whether others opinions mean jackshit to you.

    I don’t particularly give a shit when it comes to others opinions of my modifications, but I don’t shut people down if they want to talk about it.

  43. Awwww, I love it! It looks really pretty and he looks happy. All that matters, right?

  44. So sexy . After seeing the new pictures i am deffinently going to have eyeshadow tattooed on .

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