Measure Pleasure by the Pain

Sorry about the late post, folks—somebody forgot it was the first day of Passover. Anyway, to round off a day of great faces, here we’ve got a happy gent just cold hangin’ during a resurrection suspension in sunny Costa Rica! Sleep tight, friends—should have some good stuff for you all tomorrow. Until then.

10 thoughts on “Measure Pleasure by the Pain

  1. haha, love it ! looks awesome !
    btw, these black parts (not the tribez) it has any cultural meaning ? always wanted to know.

  2. that looks so great, i am severely jealous. and i am really curious to see a better shot of the trident that is on his chest/neck.

  3. Awesome Picture… His name is Piloy, a homeboy from Costa Rica, I think this was on a PsyTrace Festival or something like that!!

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