Not Even Close to Fair

As the title suggests, I don’t suspect anybody will actually guess this one, which is fine—it’s such a nicely taken photo that the click-through is its own reward. If you do guess correctly, however, you will be sworn in as the president of a nation to be determined later. I think it’s a fair deal.

(Photo courtesy of Bruisepresser.)

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39 thoughts on “Not Even Close to Fair

  1. Well the flesh and CBRs depicted don’t exactly reveal it, but one might as well assume it to be a genitals of some sort, otherwise why bother.

  2. …i’ve missed the “guess what”. and yes…it’s a really well taken pic…it makes it look like it isn’t painful at all xD

  3. I’m still not entirely sure what I’m looking at. Is that a stretched guiche piercing?

  4. Wow, that’s beautiful. The photography alone is beautiful, but the overall aesthetic and shape play is wonderful. I wish my friends weren’t such prudes so I could show them this picture. Gotta love being a closet freak. :) Thanks for posting this.

  5. Total agreement with #8. I once showed them a scarification and they all freaked. This was something I def could never guess.

  6. i would never have guessed that but male genital play and then female gauge and stretch of labia is a nice touch to the bottom of the pic…amazing photography

  7. Ohh does that mean I win the internet? Just to check, it is some lady parts isnt it?

  8. It just looks like pierced/stretched open labia majora to me, with someone elses penis above it. I really like the piercings, and their size, if what I think I see is correct.

  9. I’m with Amber. Outer labia pulled apart by their piercings. The penis is just there for looks :P I figured it was either scrotum or labia tissue…

  10. YAY! More mystery pics!

    It looks like labia majora…but something about it makes me think it’s male…

  11. shit, I played it safe and decided it was an ear.

    as it stands…I’m still not exactly sure what I’m looking at.

  12. umm its a penis, alright thats obvious, and under are vagina lips which are strechd :P

  13. #26 – Well, her clit would necessarily be visible from the angle of this photo. (I just checked on myself, and if I pull my labia apart by the rings and look down, I can’t see my clit!)

    And I agree, this is a beautiful picture.

  14. Wait, if that’s labia, then doesn’t her thighs (on the left and right side) seem a bit short? Have you thrown in amputation just to confuse me?

    I need a picture with a wider angle lens.

  15. No, it definitely looks like labia, what throws me off though is the peach fuzz on the labia…doesn’t look like pubes at all (not even shorn pubes)….

    If those ARE labia, then yeah, I have to say those are some gorgeous piercings. I’d kill to have the anatomy structure to be able to have something like that!!!

  16. Genitals, in some sort of bind or play that makes most of us go, “eeee”.

    What a surprise. >.> Where’s my nation?

  17. OMFG i finally got one right!!!! Well, i guessed outer labia had something to do with this photo. so half right. sweet.

  18. i believe this is both a male and a female. note the stretched labia and penis either that or a hermaphrodite

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