A Fist Like This

Let’s wrap up the day with Absinthe‘s new stomach tattoo, done by John Walsh at Tattoo Zone in Southampton, England. Is it a My Ruin reference, perhaps? A general statement about where he stands in society? Or something far more sinister? Chew on that. (Or wait and see what he has to say, I guess.)

Enjoy the evening, ModBloggers. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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17 thoughts on “A Fist Like This

  1. Haha happy trails are win. And so is this tattoo. I’d like to see the rest of those two faces though, they look pretty cool up there!

  2. Boys with navel piercings are sexy.

    i don’t really get this tattoo, but I like the placement and the arch of it.

  3. Diva, my guess is going to be, you know, just throwing this out there……… its maybe a phallic reference?

  4. Haha, I only wish I could say it was a phallus reference, sadly however it is not…

  5. This really struck me. Very nice placement and script. First thing that came to my mind with that placement was a reference to waist/hip-measurements….likely off-base, but whatever the meaning it’s a great piece.

  6. Elegie: You’re actually pretty much there, it was put where it is because of the obsession with size and measurements around that area. And yes, it is also a doff of the hat to My Ruin as well!

  7. WOW ALOT of the “to” has fallen out that’s sad the lettering should have been a lot thicker but..the meaning behind it is wonderful

  8. Cookie: That’s actually just scabbing, this was taken a few days after it was done.

  9. I’ve got a thick black work tattooed in the same area and where the letters sit on my hips it’s still dry and hasn’t completely healed even after a few weeks. Plus a lot of the ink has fallen out and will need reworking. I’m sure it’s just the area and how it moves when you walk and sit down.

  10. Really nice navel piercing, and good to see one on a guy. Seriously like the script and the story behind the design; love that self-deprecating English sense of humour. Must say I still suspect there’s a sly phallic reference despite Absinthe’s protestations to the contrary.

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