That Hobbit’s Eating An Egg

The last time we checked in with Dustin Poole from Sacred Balance in Calgary, Alberta, we were admiring this excellent sleeve and this sultry silver lady. This time around, though, we have this vulgar unicorn porno, starring this poor, once-majestic creature who passed out drunk one fateful night and woke up in a bathtub with those sinful male bits sewed to his forehead. Life can be so cruel.

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14 thoughts on “That Hobbit’s Eating An Egg

  1. man this is really impressive.
    even before looking at the other pieces this artist has done, it looked like somebody good must have done this crazy shit.
    it takes skill to do slobber so fine

  2. Forgot to say: love that penis and those pubic hairs that curl so elegantly! Truly awesome tattoo.

  3. Since there is blood dripping from the neck, does that mean the unicorns head was chopped off? Hahaha.


  4. The only thing that grosses me out, is the single SUPER long curly hair that is actually growing off the penis shaft. What the hell? Hahaha

  5. There is a woman named Valerie Martino who lives in Nashville Tennessee and performs noisey drill-and-bass-ish music under the name Unicorn Hard-on.

  6. LOL, pubic hair!!
    Looks like a she, it’s got lipstick
    Tough life that of a shemale unicorn, I’d guess

  7. Ya, i work with dustin and this tattoo was so awsome to watch get done. the guy lost a bet over a poker game and had to get it, then his friends made him pay for it. Yep, what a way to spend 300 bucks after losing 200 in the poker game….lol.

  8. funny idea but who needs an extra dick added on when the tattoo itself already looks like dick without it

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