Coming to Canvas LA: Horiyoshi III

Hey there, Los Angeles-area tattoo community folks! Got anything going on this coming Saturday, April 25? Well, you do now. That night, from 8-11 p.m., Canvas Los Angeles will be hosting An Evening With Horiyoshi III, the largest-ever American exhibit of the Irezumi tattoo master’s work. On display will be 10 full body suits, 50 original paintings and the unveiling of the all-new Horiyoshi The Third clothing line, featuring original designs by Horiyoshi himself. And, while the artist will unfortunately be unable to attend, his son, Kazuyoshi, will be on the premises tattooing.

Canvas LA will try to accommodate as many people as possible, but due to the unique nature of the evening, tattoo artists are being given a first crack at RSVP slots. If interested in attending, please e-mail the gallery at [email protected].

11 thoughts on “Coming to Canvas LA: Horiyoshi III

  1. Damn, what an event! If only I lived less than several thousand miles away I guess…

  2. i dont know how i feel about commercializing tattooing through things like clothing lines… i guess as long as we bring more awarness and money to the industry? i just dont want to see everyone selling out when they get recognized.

  3. Tattoo ARTISTS are ARTISTS. There art is not just limited or restricted to our bodies. I can’t wait to see the clothing line they unveil because just like all of the clothing lines carried at CanvasLA, they’re designed and made by tattoo artists and not people like Christian Audiger who just bastardize the community for a buck.

    Bravo to Horiyoshi3 III for expanding his art to another medium. I can’t wait to see it.

  4. Just curious — how are the full body suits displayed? Will the people actually be there, will there be photographs, or will their flayed skin be on display? Because if it’s the flayed skin thing, that’s fucking awesome.

  5. The people with full body suits by horiyoshi III will be there in person. It’s an evening with his art as this is an extremely rare opportunity for North Americans, let alone anyone, to get a chance to see his artwork first hand. He is not able to travel due to his health but his son will be present as well as 50 paintings and the body suits.

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