Guess What? Shark Week Edition

You know what? Let’s turn this into an impromptu Guess What? Just try to guess how the person whose tattoo this is described it. Whoever guesses correctly wins whatever remains of Rajon Rondo‘s soul.

Says D8withthenight:

To clarify, she is a drag-queen sock-shark eating her own tampon.

If you say you got it bang-on…you are a dirty, rotten liar.

(Tattoo by Ricket Sjovengen at Cold Steel America in San Francisco, California.)

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23 thoughts on “Guess What? Shark Week Edition

  1. It’d be a little hard for a drag-queen to eat her own tampon considering most drag queens are men and therefore dont have a vagina let alone a menstrual cycle. But i do enjoy the tat.

  2. yay! sock shark, go Cyrus. this is a shop bonding thing, bee tee dubs, you only get one when you’re deemed worthy. and all the little threads have to be tattooed by other people ie. you, any other employees, friends, random clients, etc.

  3. Um, WHERE is this? I would guess calf, but I can’t really come up with a body location that would be most appropriate for this sweet ass tattoo.

  4. “i got the weirdest thing i could think of , in an attempt to make it onto modblog” ?

  5. All I can think of is a drag queen…. shark…. eating a tampon……


  6. toe jam!! haha thats the first thing i thought of when i saw the used tampon….

  7. I almost did get it! I was describing it to someone over the phone, however I thought the tampon was a stick of dynamite.

  8. I’m guessing they described it as … a drag-queen sock-shark eating her own tampon.

    *looks at the description*

    yeah, too obvious really. no other way I can even think of to describe it.

  9. my guess was “wtf a shark made out of a sock? and… i think thats a tampon in her mouth…. ” i had no idea it was supposed to be a drag queen… i just thought she was one of those girls… (like me for example) who wear alot of makeup haha. i wonder how they came up with this idea…. that sure takes alot of creativity. ::claps:: yay for you!

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