More Fun From An Evening With Horiyoshi III

Hey, remember this past weekend, when we showed you some pictures from Canvas LA‘s sexy swingers party, An Evening with Horiyoshi III? Well, there are plenty more fun photos where those came from! Like that one up there, with teevee starRachel from BME” hanging out with Benji Madden!

After the jump, Benji finds himself in a compromising position (!) and other goodies.

Rachel, ever the enterprising businessperson, told Madden there was a strict “no shirt” policy at the gallery. Some guys fall for anything.

Alright, Benji, now you’re just showing off.

And here we have Bob Roberts of the world-famous Spotlight Tattoo, lookin’ sharp! He was not so easily swindled into disrobing.

Hey, Bruce Buffer was there too! He and his brother Michael have a blood-pact to never remove any article of clothing in public, so it is impossible to confirm or deny whether or not he’s all tattooed underneath. I can also neither confirm nor deny reports that he brings a microphone with him wherever he goes and prompts random pairings of people to fight to the death. (Oh…we can confirm he doesn’t do that? Well, good.)

D.C.’s Grant Cobb was most surprised indeed to learn that the allegedly “free” Sapporo came with a complimentary goosing.

Oh, and here is L.A. Ink‘s Kim Saigh with the multi-talented Shawn Barber, both of whom have been the subjects of profiles on BME! (Saigh here, Barber here.) Now, hmm, wouldn’t want to make any wild assumptions here, but is it possible they found love, you know…because of BME? (No.)

Photos by Thaddeus Brown.

23 thoughts on “More Fun From An Evening With Horiyoshi III

  1. Some time ago there was a portrait about Kim Saigh in the german Spiegel Online (or

  2. Woah.
    I thought Benji was Joel when I first saw the picture.
    He looks a lot thinner and piercing-free. :P

  3. i looked and was like whoa, that dude looks a lot like one of the guys in good charlotte but way hotter.. !
    go him.

  4. And really, this is what I’ve come to expect from BME. Glitz and glamour as opposed to the grassroots. Gotsta make that money I suppose.

  5. Neurosis: It just shows that you don’t know what the gallery is all about. It provides a space for Tattoo artists to be recognized for their artistic efforts on both the skin as well as other media. BME happens to support the efforts of artists around the world, not only on skin. So we support places like CanvasLA that are dedicated to our community and only our community.

    We’re not afraid to have a good time while doing it either.

  6. Nothing’s more nauseating than people who constantly complain about “selling out” or not keeping in touch with the “grassroots” of tattooing. Yeah it’s important to know where it came from but what on earth is wrong with keeping up with where it is now?

    Stop acting elitist. If you don’t like what’s here, do it yourself somewhere else.

  7. Maybe it’s time to stop bitching about tattoo culture “selling out” and more time being happy that it’s finally becoming more accepted and less discriminated against in society?

  8. Yeah, I was expecting something else behind the click-through because of the “compromising position” :p

  9. dude kim saigh + shawn barber are together?!?!? what a fucking cool couple!

  10. Rachel is gorgeous…. and stealing the photos… It took me half a minute of staring at her arms and, sides of her neck to realize who she was standing next to.

    True story.

  11. Forget Benji Madden, Rachel Is sexy. Now if we can just get more pics of her on here.

  12. Benji used to be good looking. Now he just looks bald and just the typical anorexic American celebrity. These pictures made me sad.

  13. Why can’t people stop talking crap about anybody…who cares if he’s a celebrity, he wasn’t there to ‘be a celebrity’ he was there to support. And, Piter, I guess the new deifinition of anorexia is well filled out because he is not skinny in the slightest. Nor is he overweight. My friend got a Grant Cobb tattoo on his ankle, and he says Grant is one of the most talented artists he has seen out there.

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